Application to Fashion

Art and design have always seemed to come naturally to me. As a child I excelled in musical study  completing Grade 8 piano with distinction. In my spare time, I studied flute and  organ, as well as intermediate ballet and modern dance. The various areas of art and expression, for me, are linked by common characteristics of harmony, discipline, and meaning. I began painting as a hobby and went on to great success, earning twenty prizes and medals for my art, as well as obtaining distinction in  international on-site painting competitions in Europe. One of my best opportunities came from these competitions; I was chosen to teach art in museums in Russia and Portugal. Also, my paintings were sold via charity auction through the Lifeline Express Foundation in Hong Kong. Afterwards, I took up the job of project planner of the Chinese Foundation for Lifeline Express.

For me, fashion design is a crucial component of life. My circumstances do not permit me to presently have access to textile or design classes, but despite this fact, I’ve completed one to two garments per week during my holiday periods and I’m regularly attending basic sewing classes in Hong Kong. my experiences with other art forms such as painting and music help me to understand the fundamentals of design and expression. I feel that having an opportunity to formally study design would enable me to excel in fashion design and would result in developing my technique and voice in a way that is both personally meaningful to me and artistically important and fresh.

My work is design and in art reflects my overall dedication and pride in all that I undertake, including academic subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Economics, and Extended Project Qualifications. Above all, I prize immersion in the arts:  design, music, dance. No matter how many projects or studies I take on simultaneously, I feel no trace of fatigue or stress. Working in the arts infuses me with adrenaline and inspiration. It has taken me a long time to understand that being an artist is much more than a dedication to skills and design, but it is an expression of personhood.  For me design and the fine arts represent the answer to the most central question in life: Who would I want see when I look into the mirror? Right now is the time that I begin creating my own destiny by fulfilling the promise an aptitude that has been indicated by my early career.