Employee Satisfaction: Research, Application and Developments through the Years


Employee satisfaction is the process by which the requirements and demands of the employees are efficiently responded to by the team leaders, managers, and any other responsible person within the organization. The satisfaction may results from catering efficiently for the employees needs and wants in the workplace. People differ due to cultural and personally differences, this may require greater investigation in order to meet each and every employees needs effectively. From time to time the needs and wants of people keep changing due to changes in the society and even technological advancements. This has also made employees to have changes in their needs at their workplace which need to be looked properly in order to ensure satisfaction.


Public Health Application

My desire to pursue a Master of Public Health degree has evolved over a number of years as I have recognized the critical nature of evaluating, assessing, and diagnosing disease and expanding wellness programs for individuals and families. The public health sector encompasses many areas and supports optimal health and wellbeing for all persons. Each area of public health is relevant to society because there are significant challenges in all communities which require these services. Public health represents an opportunity to diagnose and evaluate different types of diseases so that their impact on health is minimized. In addition, public health supports the ongoing development of wellness and preventative measures for individuals and families to promote optimal wellbeing. These objectives are critical to the success of healthcare practice in the 21st Century.

Computer Science

Cryptography and Application Security


In the recent times, due to development in the technology of network,  there is a need to secure an application to get rid of the vulnerabilities, attacks and threats. This can be achieved by using some encryption processes like cryptography. Cryptography is the science of data security which concerns itself with the objectives like confidentiality, integrity, non-repudiation and authentication.  So, to deal with security issues some best data access auditing practices should be implemented.