Monet: The Houses of Parliament (Effects of Fog)

The Houses of Parliament (Effect of Fog) is the work of art discussed in the following, accompanied by some information regarding the artist.  This oil on canvas painting, housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, was painted in 1903 by Claude Monet and is exemplary of the Impressionist Movement of the era.  The work is actually one in a series of Monet paintings using the Thames River in London as subject (Tucker  258).   The range of Monet’s art exists today, as it did in his own era, to confirm his status as a foremost master of Impressionism, a style that sought to convey an immediate impression of a scene rather than a more realistic or specifically significant representation of meaning (Connolly  6).  Emphasis on lighting, brushstroke techniques, perspective, and use of color are the defining elements of Impressionism and, as will be discussed, Monet’s skill in these renders  The Houses of Parliament (Effects of Fog) an ideal example of the movement.