Partner Violence and Survivor’s Chronic Health Problems: Informing Social Work Practice

Physical impacts of domestic violence on victims could be cured through physical therapy and particular medications that ease out the pains of the inflicted injuries on the victims. However, when it comes to chronic illnesses brought about by trauma on the victims, the situation becomes harder to bear. Relatively, helping them through regular therapy might not be as helpful as that of finding better ways of addressing the victim’s situation with specific progressive forms of mental realignment. In the article of Macy and her colleagues, it could be realized that handling such problems in relation to domestic violence victimization requires both time, effort and patience from the beginning up to the last phase of providing assistance to the said individuals (Macy, et al, 29). Relatively, such forms of development provide a great source of personal strength for the victims. Nevertheless, the social workers are suggested to take command, to observe and to provide ample time and assistance whenever they feel there is a necessity to do so.


Domestic Violence in Same Sex Relationships

This paper addresses the issue of domestic abuse in same sex relationships. The report compares the occurrence, frequency, and type of abuse endured by same sex couples.  The report primarily cites lesbian relationships.  Little data is provided about gay male relationships.  The study referenced only the state of Idaho (McHann, 2008) .  Therefore, broad conclusions regarding abuse in same sex marriages cannot be adequately determined because of such a small control group.


Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications Article Analysis

The collective study of customer thought processes and behaviors as they relate to mental constructs is known as the field of consumer psychology. The breadth of this subject is understandably large, as researchers are interested in virtually all aspects of the psychological processes that are associated with consumer evaluation and decision methods. Some of the specific topics of theoretical interest include the emotions that come into play when considering purchases, environmental variables that influence related behaviors, motivation sources, and the impact of personality factors. Practical investigations compliment theoretical findings by evaluating the effectiveness of business strategies that have been constructed using the provided information, such as changes to products directly, packaging alterations, store display rearrangements, expanding marketing mediums, and more. Consumer psychology has an appropriately important role in the construction of successful advertisement communications.

American History

Citizenship and the Right to Birth Control

The controversy surrounding birth control has become increasingly relevant in recent years and demonstrates the expanded influence of government on birth control rights for women in the United States. The article by Gordon (60) begins with a modern take on the issue of birth control and transitions to a historical approach to this topic. For example, the article addresses the lack of basic rights for women in the mid-19th Century and demonstrates how far the United States has come in this regard (Gordon 60). However, even further back during ancient times, birth control was practiced in different forms, with abortion as the primary method and remained the primary choice until the 1840s, when the tide shifted and abortion was recognized separately rather than only as a form of birth control (Gordon 61). During this era, anti-abortion advocacy became very popular and coincided with the continued desire for women to obtain greater freedom and independence, in light of the opportunities available for women during the Industrial Revolution (Gordon 61). In 1873, birth control in any form became an illegal practice and demonstrated the impact of government influence on women’s rights (Gordon 61). During this period, birth control practices and regulation continued in illegal forms and through police bribes, and when abortions required hospitalization, information was coerced out of patients to name the persons who performed these procedures (Gordon 61).


Review a Research Article

A Review of Haynie and South’s “Residential Mobility and Adolescent Violence”


Researchers Dana Haynie and Scott South, in their study “Residential Mobility and Adolescent Violence,” published in the September, 2995 edition of Social Forces, provide an interesting look at the relationship between the amount in which a child and his or her family has changed locations and the extent to which this child engages in violent behaviors. These researchers also explore the mediating effects of four variables, including the parent-child relationship, psychological distress, victimization, and peer social networks, and how these variables influence the relationship between mobility and violence. Through a collection of more than 8,000 datasets, Haynie and Scott provide an extensive sample of this relationship, delivering a valuable research contribution to the social sciences. Although their study was generally well conducted and free of research errors, it is not without its faults and the results should be taken with some degree of caution.


Elderly fall risk

The problem of injury and premature death sustained by elderly people in the United States is a public health issue that is usually avoidable. Annually, one out of three adults age 65 and older falls, although less than half of those seiors talk to their healthcare professionals about it (Falls among Older Adults: An Overview, 2011.) Shame, embarrassment and fear of the loss of independence are all contributing factors to the secrecy involved in older people and falling. This paper will discuss an article that covers several significant aspects of the problem, “Preventing Falls in Older People: Assessment and Intervention,” including its relevance to the adult nurse practitioner.

Criminal Justice

Enhancing community policing

Community policing refers to a concept of policing where there is a shared responsibility and interdependence between the community and the police.  This concept focuses on the establishment of an equal partnership between the public and the police. This approach towards policing takes into consideration the fact that policing should be geared towards the good of the public. The approach, therefore, involving the public in policing issues ensures that the services fit their security needs. However the rapid change in crime patterns must be followed by a restructuring of the community policing policies in order for these policies to keep up with the evolution of crime( Rufai, & Adigun, 2011). The negative perception of the police force also contributes to the preference of community policing as it keeps the public in touch with the issues unlike the traditional approach to policing.

The presence of a police virtual community which consists of an aggregate community of individuals who share mutual goals and interests is an achievement in the evolving community policing strategy. The community in such an instance receives support and keeps in touch with each other through the employment of technology. A virtual community in this regard may be dedicated to a goal or share a similar ideology. Communications in such a community is digital, and the community spread geographically and, therefore, does not follow the structure of the traditional community in terms of actual proximity. This approach is preferable as the police officers may lack the time for physical interactions with the public and even when they do the interaction is limited. Virtual communities, therefore, bridge the gap between public and police communications.

Rufai and  Adigun (2011) provide that the evolving community policing strategies focus on the detection and deterrence of crime as these issues are conveyed to the consideration of the police in good time. Unlike the previous approaches to community policing, the virtual policing community is fast and accessible to the public. The approach increases the access by the public to information and law enforcement services. It increases transparency in the police force and creates a platform for dialogue between the police and the community. This method also enables accurate and timely information on crime and insecurity issues in the community. Reduction of information barriers is hugely a significant achievement by the virtual police community. With the presence of a virtual community sharing of information within the system and also across regions becomes remarkably straightforward and carried out with efficiency. Consequently the achievement of multijurisdictional coordination becomes available.  Multi-disciplinary coordination also becomes available easily, and the sharing of information in order to deter and prevent crime becomes possible. Problem solving within the community becomes viable with the evolving system of community policing because the information received in respect to an issue is robust and assist in formulating policies aimed at the improvement of security within the community.

In order to formulate sound and actionable intelligence strategies, it becomes necessary to analyze data on an area or issue before arriving at these policies. Virtual policing communities provide the necessary data to facilitate this process and ultimately deter and prevents criminal activities. Organizational efficiencies also achievable through this system and enables timely responses to pertinent issues within the community. It also provides recruitment platform to ensure that the recruitment process is fair representative and transparent. A transparent police force is the key to security justice and forms the backbone of prevention and deterrence of crime.

Reference list

Rufai, M.M. & Adigun, J O. (2011).  Enhancing community policing using a virtual community model. International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security 9. 11 (Nov 2011): 119-124.


Professional Journal Article Review: “Gender-Nonconforming Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth: School Victimization and Young Adult Psychosocial Adjustment”

The purpose of this article review is to critique the research. Gender-Nonconforming Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth: School Victimization and Young Adult Psychosocial Adjustment, by Russell Toomey, Caitlin Ryan, Rafael M. Diaz, Noel A. Card, and Stephen T. Russell. The purpose was to determine “the associations between gender nonconformity, victimization, and adjustment by directly testing the degree to which experiences of school victimization account for the link between adolescent gender nonconformity and young adult well-being.”(Toomey, Ryan, Diaz, Card, Russell, 2010)

Teacher's Career

ADHD Disorders

A 2011 article by Larson and colleagues (462) examines several factors as they relate to US children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), including comorbid conditions, level of functioning, and use of available services. The research described in this piece utilized data from the 2007 National Survey of Children’s Health, which included over 60000 subjects between the ages of 6  and 16 years old. Slightly more than 8% of the children had ADHD at the time of the survey, as reported by parents. Using a cross-sectional design, the information was evaluated for indicators of each variable through bivariate and multivariate statistics. The results indicate that there is a higher prevalence of learning disabilities, conduct disorders, anxiety, depression, and problems with speech among children with ADHD. The risk of having multiple comorbid disorders is higher in the poor, and functioning systematically decreases with the addition of new co-afflictions.

The authors conclude that these results demonstrate a need to manage ADHD from multiple angles that address functional, social, and comorbid concerns in addition to the disorder itself. This approach requires integration between education, social services, mental health services, social systems, and families. As a professional, I believe these are important points to consider, as they may substantially improve the learning experience for students with ADHD. Additionally, the consistent awareness that each person must be treated as an specific case with unique needs is also required to optimize education and life for those with ADH.

Work Cited

Larson, Kandyce, et al. “Patterns of comorbidity, functioning, and service use for US children with ADHD, 2007.” Pediatrics 127.3 (2011): 462-470.



Medicine and Health

Medical case review Asthma – 5 years old child

The critical points of the case under consideration come forward by studying the history of the child. The child started feeling uncomfortable while breathing and started coughing almost six weeks before the major breakdown. These points to a proposition that Jason may have either breathed any respiratory blockading infectious spore of a parasite which initially went unnoticed as mild coughing problem that is quite common. Moreover, the initial effects were depressed by taking Panadol hat suppressed the initial infectious state of the virus or the parasite. But, non-administration of further medicine made the virus or bacteria to attack much more strongly (Edelman & Norman, 1997). This made the cough even worse for young Jason, as the infection increased, it may have blocked the respiratory pathway slowly which made it difficult for him to breathe at night when the cough increased.


The main cause for concern in the whole article is only one that says not to ignore even a simple cough. If a person or a child has a cough or headache, do not ignore it for more than one day. It’s better to visit a doctor instead of applying any home remedy. The case became worst when Jason’s parents ignored Jason’s cough in beginning. Taking medicine at home without prescription is another cause of concern (Denver & Colo, 2004). Also, always consult some specialist of the particular disease; don’t rely on a general practitioner if your disease lasts for more than 2 days.

There were high chances of getting affected from any other disease when Jason spent time on ED, because of other patients. Some concerns about asthma management are safety, dependence, peer stigmatization, and parent-child dispute over taking medication. Low-wages and poor patients reported similar concerns and problems that included prices, difficulty of getting proper medication, daily life problems, and a general distrust of the medical establishment. The data obtained from patients’ point of view indicates the need to redesign current strategies for the asthma management, including a better approach to the use of expert help for the treatment of asthma.



  • Edelman, Norman H.Family Guide to Asthma and Allergies. Boston: Little, Brown & Co, 1997.
  • Denver, Colo, (2004), Safety and application of induced sputum analysis in childhood asthma, retrieved: 08-03-2013,



Medication Safety and Patient Discharge Instructions

The elderly are considered as a vulnerable population as this period is characterized by a decrease in the functioning and physiological state of the human body. As such, most of these elderly patients also suffer from other chronic disease such as Diabetes, COPD, arthritis and such that can further limit the physical, psychological, emotional and cognitive capacity of the individual. Due to this, most patients have complex medication regimens which they often fail to understand along with other prescribed treatment regimens provided by health care workers. They are often unable to perform self-care, monitor their own symptoms or act immediately to prevent further worsening of their symptoms or illness. They often live on their own and do not have other people such as a spouse, a child or a caregiver to look after their needs, thus, social support is nearly non-existent. It is essential, therefore, for health care workers to provide proper health education and discharge planning as well as conduct the necessary follow-ups on the patient.

To promote safety among geriatric patients, communication skills must be integrated throughout the health care continuum of assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. It is also essential to have a strong knowledge regarding family theory, principles of communication, group dynamics and cultural diversity as vulnerable clients frequently come from varied cultures, have different beliefs and values, few sources of social support and may face language barriers. Health care workers should identify patient needs and the available resources that can be utilized. Collaboration with other agencies or allied health professionals is also vital to establish effective health promotion, compliance to treatment regimen and disease prevention.


Research in Advanced Nursing Practice

NURS 6303 – Research for Advanced Nursing

Review of Studies Grid

Student:  Name

Date: March 19, 2013

Research Problem: The combination of obesity and low health care accessibility increases the health risks and ultimately the costs to address the additional health issues later in their life.


Financial Article Analysis: Wendy’s Changes Its Approach to Fast Food In Japan

Wendy’s is known as an American fast food restaurant that sells excellent shakes and old fashioned hamburgers, In the United States, the restaurant is celebrated for its ability to offer customers the fast-food experience without compromising its product quality. Hamburgers, French fries, and drinks that come from Wendy’s are cooked with care with the best ingredients. Although the food chain is already known as a classic restaurant, Wendy’s plans to take its class to another level in Japan.

According to Business Week, Wendy’s plans to implement a gourmet burger that will sell for $16 (1,280 Yen) into its Japanese menu. The Foie Gras Rossini burger will be the classic square hamburger topped with truffles and goose-liver pate. The gourmet special already made its debut in Tokyo’s Omotesando shopping district on Tuesday, December 27, 2011. Wendy’s hopes to extend its premium hamburger to 100 restaurants throughout the country.


Financial Article Analysis: Sears Holdings’ Financial Woes

Sears Corporation has experienced much financial difficulty in the past months. During the month of December, the company announced that it would close at least 100 of its Sears and Kmart stores in 2012. In the midst of potentially being forced to close some of its stores, Sears Holdings has experienced yet another financial setback. Bloomberg reported that the shares of the corporation fell by 40% on Thursday, January 12, 2012 after CIT Group decided to stop extending loans to Sears suppliers waiting to be paid for goods and services rendered to the company. The financial institution became concerned that vendors supplying goods and services to Sears Holdings may not be paid by the company and hence will be unable to repay loans to its institution. The Group has hence decided to protect its financial standing in denying Sears suppliers credit.

Although Sears did not directly confirm or deny that CIT Group has moved to decline supplier loans, a spokesperson for the corporation did inadvertently allude to possibility of the rumor being true. According to the spokesperson, Sears has more than adequate liquidity and enough assets to withstand financial difficulty. He disagreed with the actions of CIT and assured investors that Sears has been minimally affected by the decisions of the financial institution.