Teacher's Career

Assessment of Teaching

  1. The most important and relevant performance factors that are associated with effective, high quality teaching include the following:

1) The teacher’s ability to create an environment that is comfortable and conducive to effective learning while maintaining control of the students and the classroom setting itself: this is accomplished when the teacher has a positive attitude from the beginning of the course and is effectively prepared to support his or her students to promote their learning and academic growth, as well as their personal growth. The teacher must provide an environment that is comfortable for students because comfort is likely to increase student interest in the material and keep them interested for longer periods of time. This may include physical changes to the classroom as well as psychological behaviors (i.e. smiles, jokes, change in voice tone, voice animation, etc.) that will promote student growth and learning effectively. Furthermore, the teacher must demonstrate the ability to maintain control over the student population and all discussions by demonstrating authority as needed and promoting successful dialogue between students in the classroom setting. He or she must also direct the flow of the topic in the appropriate manner and also the conversation that ensues in the desired direction at all times to maintain student focus and interest.