Assignment 1: Research question; search statement; find, evaluate and cite a book 


Your name:    
1.     Write your research question here: (1 point)


How can research on the Affordable Health Care Act create Quality Health Care in America?  
2.     Write a research question to narrow your search to find more focused articles on your topic. (1 point) Can evidence based research on Affordable Health Care Act improve health care?  
3.     Write a research question to broaden your search to find more general articles on your topic. (1 point) How can evidence based research of the Affordable Health Care Act create quality health care and accessibility of services for all Americans.  
4. Find a book or ebook on your topic using the SUU Library Catalog.  Record the following information about the book you chose. You will use this information to answer questions 6 and 7. (Books from your personal library or from online bookstores such as do not count. You must use the library catalog.) (3 points)
a.      Give the EXACT SEARCH STATEMENT you used to find the book.   Research, MLA, Writers
b.     Title & subtitle: MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers
c.      Author(s)/Editor(s): Gibaldi, Joseph
d.     Place and Publisher: York: Modern Language Association
e.     Year: 2009
f.      Call number and location: (LB2369 .G53; available in the SUU Library Reference and Reserve collections)
5. Cite the book using the information you recorded in #4 a-e in either MLA 7th or APA 6th edition format. (4 points)
Which style are you using? APA or MLA? MLA
Create a complete citation.  Refer to the LM 1010 Textbook, Module 3 : Books & Media and Citing Your Research in the Appendix.
Gibaldi, Joseph. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. 7th Edition. New York: Modern Language Association. 2009. (LB2369 .G53; available in the SUU Library Reference and Reserve collections
6. In a MINIMUM of three sentences and IN YOUR OWN WORDS, provide a clear, concise summary of the book’s contents. (What was the book about?) (1 point)
This book explains how someone who has never conducted a research before would begin first by asking questions. Next the author outlines for the reader steps which could be taken in creating research questions that make sense. Finally, the authors tells how to apply the correct MLA citations to referenced material on a research project.
7. In a MINIMUM of two sentences and IN YOUR OWN WORDS, describe the book’s relevance to your research. (Why did you choose that particular book?  How does it address your research question?)  NOTE: If the book is not relevant to your topic, you must choose another book. (1 point)


I think that this book even though this book does not talk about health care it gives solid information as to how I can begin conducting the evidence based research for this project. Also it makes no sense gathering information which cannot be interpreted correctly for implementation.
8. Assess the quality of the book you found using the evaluation criteria listed below. (3 points)
Authority:  Who wrote the book? What are their qualifications?

Joseph Gibaldi who is director of book acquisitions for the Modern Language Association and adjunct professor of humanities at New York University and the New School for Social Research.

Accuracy:  Does the book have references? What is the quality of these references?

Yes, it has extensive bibliography and they are scholarly references.

Currency:  Is the book current? Does currency matter for your topic? If so, why?

This book is very current even though they are older editions. These matters because in healthcare when bringing new evidence to the body of knowledge the most appropriate tools must be utilized in collection and analysis procedures. This text brings to the researcher tools relent for application to modern scientific methodologies