Why is it important that an audit of a company’s operations be conducted by an organization that is both independent and that understands corporate social responsibility?

The audit operations of a company should be conducted by an independent firm to ensure that the elements of transparency and accountability are the audit reports are upheld.  The independent external auditor should also ensure that the issues of corporate social responsibility are adhered to by the organization to ensure that the entity can relate well with the community in its environs. External independent auditor ensures that information contained in the financial statements of the company is correct and up to date. They are able to identify the sources of fraud in the organization than the internal auditors whose duties may be comprised by the top management of the organization and therefore interfering with integrity of the auditing report. The external auditor ensures that all the information that pertains to tax and other important issues are handled with a lot of transparency.  Independent auditors can easily detect any form of fraud and malpractices that are not desired by the organization’s members and stakeholders. Independent auditors exercise the ethics and rules that govern the auditing profession more than non independent internal auditor who works to fulfill the needs of the organization but do not act according to the ethics that guide profession. They ensure adherence to the audit rules and standards and thus foster good practice among them (William, & Thomas, 2010).