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Beauty and Media: How Beauty is presented by the Pageants in America

The business of developing the ideal presentation of beauty among young women across the stretch of the American region has created a rather specific culture when it comes to defining what the term ‘beauty’ means. Every year, the new season of pageants that run across the American regions to search for the ‘most beautiful lady’ in town follows one specific pattern of judgment, and that is physical appearance in par with the intellectual capabilities of the contestants being evaluated. In relation to the development of the Miss America Pageant, it could be realized that there has been one common culture that the competition preserves. That is to make sure that the contestants who win do not only have physical beauty, but also have the proper intellectual capacity to respond to the most intriguing questions that challenges the society at present. Question is, what is important in pageants such as the Miss America? Is it the outer appearance or often noted as the physical beauty or is it the inner sense of one’s character? Is it really a pageant for scholarship or is it more concentrated on marketing and making women feel like as if they need to buy and appreciate products endorsed by these beautiful women after winning the pageant?