Being Socially Responsible

Social Responsibility has been a major trend growing in the business world. Social Responsibility means to operate a business in a manner that meets or exceeds the ethical, legal, commercial, and public expectations that society has of business.(Schaffer and Dunn, pg 23)  When thinking about social responsibility consumers, stakeholders, employees, and the environment that a business is placed in is a part of that responsibility. Stakeholders expect that businesses have an ethical standard that they follow that guides them in their decision making. (R.W. Griffin & R.J. Ebert, p.56 – p.87) They uphold business social responsibility by the decisions they choose to make regarding ethics, honesty running their business, and contributions.

As businesses gain their public’s trust they increase their prosperity within the community. However businesses should realize that the reasons why they have become a success are from the clients and the community supporting them.  Businesses should strive for creating positive effects while decreasing the negative effects in their community. This paper presents an evaluation of Company Q in order to determine its attitude towards social responsibility to the not only their business but society as well.