Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Nuclear Threats


In recent years with the continued advancement of technologies, there has been an increased threat to the integrity of the US homeland in many different ways. Therefore, it is necessary to address some of these considerations in addressing the future direction of the Department of Homeland Security. This federal agency is responsible for ensuring that US borders and other interests are as secure as possible and are reflective of the priorities of the organization, its employees, and all US residents. However, there continues to be many issues associated with the protection of US interests and is dependent on the development of a successful approach to homeland security that supports these objectives in tandem. Terrorists and threats from many nations and groups prevail in spite of these efforts and therefore, disconnect between the work of this agency and the resulting outcomes has prohibited full progress in achieving the desired objectives. The following organization will address some of the most important issues regarding homeland security in the modern era and any gaps in communication that contribute to these problems and in achieving safer and more secure US interests and territories. In particular, interagency communications should be considered to determine if there are distinct gaps in communication that threaten the work that is performed by homeland security officials in many different communities and at US borders.