Possible Bioterrorism in New Hampshire

The bioterrorism case in New Hampshire refers to an incident back in 1999 that involved residents of the state being admitted to local hospitals for potential brucellosis. Brucellosis are potential bioterrorism agents that can cause severe sickness in a person, ultimately leading to death. In New Hampshire, a 38-year old woman was admitted to a local hospital with symptoms similar to those that would present if the woman was exposed to brucellosis. “On day 22, after 3 weeks of intensive care, the patient was transferred to hospital B in Boston, Massachusetts. Paired serum specimens obtained on day 4 and day 22 showed a 16-fold rise in titer for Brucella antibodies” (Case Studies, Greenblat). After 28 days of the female being in the hospital and , the CDC and the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services were finally notified of a possible brucellosis case. On day 33, the woman died of respiratory damage- after testing her blood and various tissues in her body, the CDC was unable to determine whether or not it was a definitive bioterrorist attack.