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O, Brave New World, That Has Such Real People in It!

There are problems in wanting to say anything at all about Reality TV, not the least of which is the difficulty in not merely joining a universal chorus of groans.  Then there is the matter of the beast itself.  Somehow, and in a relatively short space of time, it has grown to such an extent that its shadow swallows all of us looking up, poking fingers, and groaning.  Hydra-like, too, this beast has many heads.  There is the competition head, the at-home-with-the-wealthy head, the spunky, struggling business head, the rejoice-in-watching-poor-white-trash head, and others equally chilling.  How, then, may one reasonably assess so diverse and imposing a monster? Can there even be a commonality in this sea of subgenres, housewives, hoarders, chefs, vocalists, and beach trash?