Furthering the Market Impact of the Smashburger Fever

Business Development Strategy Analysis

Company Status

Founded in 2007, Smashburger started with the desire to develop as one of the most loved burgers in every city in America. Understandably, this idea became a fact when it gradually took every single city in the country one at a time. First targeting the hotspots where people are most likely to accept the product the company offers, it has become one of the top burger store choices in both Las Vegas and New York City. Such a success is expected to grow further as the company aims to expand on other particular locations. Most often than not, it is the desire of every company to go global, however, to welcome such a possibility, several adjustments should be made, not to mention all the conditions of risks that must be weighed in connection with the said aspect of expansion. In the following discussion and presentation, a distinctive indication on the possibilities of Smashburger being able to expand globally shall be examined based on the current performance of the company.