Proposal for a New Recycling Center

Global warming has emerged as one of the biggest social issues in recent decades. One way to reduce the impact of human activities on environment is through recycling which is not only ethically right but also economically beneficial. This is why this paper proposes the development of a recycling center which will not only improve the reputation of the community and help increase the awareness of environmental pollution among its residents but also inspire other communities.


Business proposal for staffing services specializing in internships


  1. Introduction. 3
  2. Market analysis. 4

2.a. Proposed business. 6

2.a.i. Products and services. 7

2.a.ii. Business site. 8

2.a.iii. Marketing plan. 8

2.a.iv. Staffing and management 9

  1. Schedule. 10
  2. Qualifications. 10
  3. Budget 11
  4. Conclusion. 11
  5. References. 13

1. Introduction

Starting up a new business venture has always been a passion for me and when the opportunity for displaying my entrepreneurship was provided by the Delphi group, this golden chance is being utilized to put forward a few business ideas. Taking in to consideration the everlasting need for staffing services in the diverse markets, the business has been conceptualized in to creating proper linkages between the potential work forces and business organizations that require both temporary and permanent work forces. Though there appear lots of fluctuations in the job markets depending on the economic situations there is always need for efficient man power and if the proposed staffing solutions company is able to source and manage the resources effectively, it could reap profits at all times. From the assessment of the staffing services markets as well as on the target segments it was seen that the most vital demand is for orienting the fresh graduates or fresh professionals in to the right organizations and careers. This demand would be capitalized by the new staffing services venture, which has been conceptualized with the aim to provide all types of staffing services with specialization in internships.

As the business venture would be in the services sector there might not be need for any major renovations to the facility and the business could be run within limited space. So the initial investment for the venture would only come to around $ 20000 – $ 30000 (拢 13000 – 拢 20000) and would like to borrow around $ 10000 – $ 15000 (拢 6500 – 拢 10000). The details of the proposal for the new business that include a detailed market analysis, details of the business format, product and services, details of the site requirements, marketing plan, staffing, schedule, budget and associated aspects would be discussed in detail.


2. Market analysis

Analysing the niche markets and the opportunities that are available in the different market segments forms the most important task prior to conceptualizing the business ideas to practice (Gonroos 56). This is for rightly placing the products and services in line with the market demands and expectations as well as to venture in to areas that have greater potential to grow. Even an old concept or idea could be rejuvenated when properly linked to the market and customer needs, priorities and demands. Market analysis always facilitates in strategizing business ideas and plans with greater focus on the market and customer potential as well as for nullifying the impact of weaknesses and threats (Aspers 379). Despite lot of fluctuations in the jobs market, the demand can be rightly identified and maintained if the company is focussed on effective sourcing and delivery of the services. Slump in growth in one area would be followed by opportunity in another area or sector and there is need for greater levels of focus and dedication to keeps the business going by taking right steps. Value additions and innovations can always make companies successful at all times. So there is greater need for analyzing the external and internal environment in order to understand the market in detail and the strategic marketing model (figure 1) clearly indicates this need. PEST (Political Economical Social Technological) analysis and SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis appear to be the most basic and at the same time relevant to the context and hence has been done for understanding the internal and external environment for the proposed business.



Figure 1. Strategic marketing management model (Source: Wysocki and Wirth 3).


SWOT analysis for the proposed business

SWOT analysis of the proposed business was done in order to identify the internal and external environmental factors that influence the proposed business (table 1).


路聽聽 Can generate high demand

路聽聽 Power of management

路聽聽 Strong association with industry majors

路聽聽 Specialized services

路聽聽 Value addition

路聽聽 Efficient team


路 Poor data support

路 Weakness in Branding

路 Take time to establish

路 Lack of trust


路聽聽 Technological support

路聽聽 Online presence

路聽聽 Virtual support team

路聽聽 Global expansion

路聽聽 Emerging markets

路聽聽 Expansion and specialization capabilities


路聽聽聽 Stiff competition

路聽聽聽 Presence of established bigwigs

路聽聽聽 Volatility in the markets

路聽聽聽 Social networking sites being used by companies for finding staffing solutions

路聽聽聽 Trade unions

Table 1. SWOT analysis for the proposed business


SWOT analysis revealed that the strengths of the proposed businesses are the high demand, specialized services, value addition, efficient team, etc and there appear lots of opportunities for growth if the strengths of the company is rightly capitalised to capture the opportunities. The company need to work on to strengthen the weaknesses like the weak brand power, lack of trust, etc through effective and focussed performances. There is always need to identify the possible threats to the business and try to strategize efforts to overcome at the right time.


PEST analysis for the proposed business

Political factors

  1. Government policies and restrictions in national and international recruitments.
  2. No proper regulations in the sector especially with regard to online recruitment.

Economic factors

  1. Global recession and reduction in demand
  2. Freezing recruitment in companies
  3. Requires only low investments for starting up business and hence lot of player in the sector.

Social Factors

  1. People looking for established firms.
  2. Lack of trust among the clients.
  3. Invasion of social networking sites in to providing staffing related services

Technological Factors

  1. Use of technology has become a need of the hour and there is need to upgrade the facilities in order to create and maintain good customer base.
  2. As the business is highly dependent on technological application any break down in the technology might create a huge negative impact.


Assessment on the internal and external environment showed that there appear lot of opportunities for the business to establish and stabilize in the market if the proposed business endeavour could adapt to required levels through innovative practices and solutions based on the market and customer needs and expectations. The analysis in fact revealed that there appear lot of stiff competition in the staffing services industry particularly due to the lack of proper regulations, low entry barrier, the invasion of internet based staffing solutions and exploitation of social networking sites. According to Clemons, Nunes and Reilly, the capabilities of companies to 鈥渟take out unique market聽sweet spots that resonate so strongly with target consumers鈥 and strategizing the marketing efforts accordingly could earn them leading edge even in competitive markets (1). In order to remain competitive the proposed business would take initiatives to study the exact requirements and demands of the industry with regard to the skill sets, capabilities and other specific man power characteristics. This knowledge would be utilized for orienting and adapting the potential work forces in view to develop the right linkages between industry demand and human resource supply.


2.a. Proposed business

The idea is to provide all types of staffing services with specialization in internships. The proposed business endeavour is expected to develop strategic association with the different business establishments in diverse markets in view to develop trust and faith among the clients. For understanding the demand patterns as well as the nature of the supply capabilities special sessions would be organized. For e.g. in order to develop a good data base of prospective candidates, special orientation camps would be organized for understanding the customer preferences, interests and capabilities. As we would be specializing in providing staffing solutions in internships, there is need for multi level screening and orientation program both at collective and individual levels in order to place them in the right industry based on their skills and capabilities. The aim of the proposed staffing services business is not to merely supply the work forces but to allocate the resources in the most befitting manner and to make it beneficial to both the client and the customer. The proposed business would develop its own web portal and linkages would be made with social networking sites and other web portals in order to expand the database, reach and capabilities of the firm.

2.a.i. Products and services

The analysis revealed that there is always demand in the staffing services industry if the company is able to source effectively and are able to place their products and services appropriately in line with the industry standards and requirements. The opportunities or demand available in different market segments would be utilized for designing and placing the products and services of the company. The proposed business venture would be specifically targeting the fresh graduates or fresh professionals; both temporary and permanent staffing solutions would also be provided. In the job market the specific functional requirements changes continuously and so adapting the potential resources in line with the changing needs and requirements appear as a must. Taking in to considerations the requirements of the job market


The main services provided by the proposed business would be,

  • Staffing services for internships 鈥 Providing career counselling and orientation of the fresh graduates and professionals as well as in placing them in the right companies for apprenticeship.
  • Temporary staffing solutions 鈥 Provide services to organizations that require human resources for the temporary position.
  • Permanent staffing services 鈥 Understand the specific requirements of the client with regard to permanent employment opportunity. Initial orientation and screening would be done prior to supplying the potential candidates.

2.a.ii. Business site

The office space would be compact and each human resource manager has separate table, laptop and other accessories and would have separate seating options for the client or the customer. There would be small open space for arranging small meetings. Special efforts would be made for making the office space to be compact and simple and the floor plan for the proposed business is given in the figure (2).

Figure 2. Floor plan for the staffing solutions office (Source: Smart Draw, 10)

2.a.iii. Marketing plan

Important consideration for preparing successful and functional marketing plan is to base all the activities in accordance with the customer and market needs and expectations (Gilligan, Richard and Wilson 25). Identifying the target segment and markets rightly as well as devising appropriate marketing plan appears to be the key in the success of any business endeavours. So the market segments were selected based on extensive market analysis and demand. The target market would be fresh graduates or professionals who are seeking for internships; qualified or multi skilled permanent job seekers at middle and senior management positions and temporary job seekers. The clients would be big and small business establishments or employers that have man power requirements. Greater focus would be given for the first category where the current demand is high and the other market segments are considered as the potential markets that can be developed through focussed marketing. It is seen that establishing possible linkages with the fresh graduates and the industry is the most demanding and challenging tasks. There appear lot of scope for expansions in this regard.

Pricing 鈥 As we would be specializing in internships a very nominal fee would be incurred from the customer and relatively lesser price from the client as well. The pricing of the services vary with the type and quality of the resources and their requirements. The price charged for the client and the customer would be different and the client would be charged higher than the customer. As the company establishes, the pricing would be restructured in such a way as to meet the industry standards. Efforts for initiating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities would also be considered as the firm establishes. Special initiatives for providing free orientation camps and staffing solutions for the deserved from developing nations would be considered.

2.a.iv. Staffing and management

Regarding the staffing, initially there would be four employees in addition to myself who will manage the overall operations of the firm. Staffing requirements would be verified after a few months of operations and would consider revamping if required. The employees would be given opportunity to take addition part time courses to acquire the needed skill sets and capabilities so as to become well versed in their tasks and responsibilities once the company starts functioning. The details of the employees and their functions and qualification are presented in the table (2).

Serial Number Employee details Qualification Functions
1. Managing director (myself) Masters in Business Management with specialization in human resource management Overall operations day to day operations of the firm; Strategic alliances with organizations, career counselling, career research
2. Human Resource Manager Masters in Human Resource Management (HRM) Dealing with developing strategic alliances with the clients; demand forecasting; supply coordination; career counselling
3. Human Resource Manager Masters in Human Resource Management (HRM) Recruitment functions; career counselling demand forecasting; supply coordination;
4. Human resource assistant University degree; knowledge in HRM practices and principles Assisting the HRM functions; accounting
5. Auditor (as consultant) University degree in accounting Doing accounting and auditing function

Table 2. Staffing and management details

3. Schedule

Tentative schedule for the proposed business is given in the table (3).

Serial Number Details of the event Duration
1. Application for proposal and approval 1 month
2. Developing strategic alliances with business establishment 鈥 contacting and extracting information 3 鈥 4 months
3. Start collecting and preparing the database of prospective candidates 1 month
4. Office space designing and setting up 1 month
5. Procuring computer, printers, furniture, stationary and other essentials 2 weeks
6. Staff selection and trainings 2 weeks
7. Preparing marketing material, leaflets, hoarding and other materials 2 weeks
8. Opening of the store Within 6 鈥 10 months from the time of loan approval and sanctioning
9. Start to pay back loan Within a year

Table 3. Tentative schedule for the proposed business

Based on the tentative timeline we would be able to start the new venture within six to ten months from the time the loan is approved and we will be in a position to repay the loan with the speculated one year time.

4. Qualifications

I have completed Masters in business management from a prestigious institute and have working experience in the human resource management. I have knowledge about accountancy practices as I have done short term course in business accounting. I have taken addition courses in HRM and client servicing. I am planning to take a course in career counselling and technology based demand forecasting.

5. Budget

Proper and balanced budgeting is key to the success of any business ventures and these factors need to be considered prior to entering in business. The initial cost occurred for starting the proposed business as well as the operating costs is given in the table (4).

Initial costs for starting up the proposed costs
Serial No. Details Estimated cost

(In US Dollars)

1 Setting up and designing the store 5500
2 Software development and implementation 7500
3 Stationary, furniture, computers and other items 6000
5 Recruitment and related costs 4000
6 Marketing and advertisements 4000
7 Miscellaneous costs 2500
Projected Operating costs


Serial No. Details Estimated cost

(In US Dollars)

1 Salaries 13000
2 Utility, replenishment and services 1000
4 Taxes 500
5 Loan repayment and miscellaneous 500

Table 4. Initial costs and operating costs for the proposed business

Based on the assessment it is seen that that the initial costs for starting up the staffing services business comes to about 30000 USD and the projected operating costs comes to approximately 15000 USD. So the company is expected to get average sales of about 25000 鈥 30000 Dollars with a profit of about 10000 to 15000 Dollars after the repayment of loan.

6. Conclusion

The proposal is about providing different types of staffing services with specializations in internships. Basic concept is to establish proper linkages between the industry demand and the human resources supply. This particular business idea has been floated based on in depth market research and it was found that there is need for facilitating the supply in relation to the market demand. So the prospective candidates would be screened, oriented and groomed prior to being placed in the most befitting industry. This is not just another staffing services company but a company with greater focus on providing to the specific needs based on skills sets, talent, qualities and capabilities. Special efforts are made to develop the trust and faith of both the client and the customer. Use of technology would help the business to better the services as well as for extending the services beyond the borders. Such a venture could be possible only through the support of the Delphi group and are looking forward to associate with you. With your support and cooperation we can make this new business venture a great success and achieve greater heights in years ahead.

7. References

Aspers, Patrick. 鈥Theory, reality, and performativity in markets鈥. American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 66. 2 (2007): 379 鈥 398. [Online], Web. 25 April 2013.

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Staffing service specializing in internships



This project is aimed at promoting Staffing service specializing in internships for a college town. The targeted audience in this case will be the human resource manager of the college town, the chief executive officer of the college and the board of governors. The project is aimed at bringing to light the cost advantages that come with the application of internship services for the college鈥檚 human resource.


Project content


This paper outlines a staffing service program that specializes on internships for a college. The work identifies the targeted audience, the objectives, the benefits of an internship program; the work also gives an audience analysis which elaborates the perceptions of the audiences. The conclusion part gives the summary of the subject under discussion.


I plan to inform the audience why they need to use interns to reinforce their workforce as a cost saving initiative. The proposal will see the college high more interns and at the same time reduce the costs that come with hiring of staff, training, induction, employment. The program will enable the college to establish a pool for future employees of the organization. The college will stand the better chance to foster creativity and innovation through the interns as they will bring in fresh ideas. The internship program will also enable the college to improve its productivity and hence increased accomplishment of the tasks and other projects in the school. The internship program will also part of the college鈥檚 involvement in corporate social responsibility by improving the working skills of the students and also ensuring there is available workforce in the community.



Topic Description


An internship program is an initiative pursued by an organization to take advantage of the skills and capabilities of college and university students in the locality. The program is meant to train the students and model them into a productive workforce. The program also ensures the students are introduced into the work environment and thus enhances the level of exposure in the work environment. It is not meant for career development but also to transform the citizens into responsible citizens who can easily understand the way the firms in the economy operate. To the organization the program ensures the firm can easily take advantage of the cheap labor offered by the students and subsequently reduce the cost associated with hiring employees. The program gives an opportunity to the organization to be a responsible member of the society that promotes development of human labor force in the society (M眉nster).




The objectives of this work are to enable the college鈥檚 employees, the human resource manager, chief executive and the board of governors to understand the benefits of an internship program. This document will foster a proper understanding of the internship program and its relevancy to the organization, the students and to the society at large. The other objective of the work is to provide a clear procedure of how the program will be implemented in the organization. An evaluation of the college鈥檚 capability to partake the program which should be done subsequent to an assessment of the colleges needs. The assessment will entail the remuneration element for the interns the type of projects or duties that they will handle in the organization. The wide support of the college鈥檚 staff, management and stakeholders is vital for the success of the process (Sue, & Shellenbarger).


Audience Analysis


Analysis of the characteristics of the audience will focus on their perceptions and views about the internship program, for instance the employees in the organization tend to have a negative view on the interns as most of them believe that the interns are the future threats for their jobs. Research shows that even though employees exploit the interns by overworking them, they tend to think that their bosses would at one time hire the interns and get them fired. The human resource managers in most instances have a very positive view on the internship program. The manager is always aware of the cost benefits that are associated with the internship program. They are ever ready to give the interns any support as they are pretty sure of increased productivity that they can offer to the organization. The chief executive and the board of governors also have a positive view about an internship program. In most cases the top management of organizations prefers these programs due to the associated cost benefits. The top management in most cases has to comply with the rules put down by the relevant authorities to implement the program and thus promote the element of corporate social responsibility (Timothy, & Noah).





The schedule for implementation of the internship program for the organization will entail the following activities. Promoting proper understanding of the internship program which will be done through research by getting information from human resource books and other related sources. Conduct an evaluation the organization鈥檚 ability to handle the program, learning about the legal elements that pertain to internship program through information from relevant sources. These tasks will be done in a span of 1 to 3 weeks. The next phase will include planning and designing the program by first ensuring support from the members of the organization. this is will be followed by a clear design of an internship structure that blends with the organizations culture, enacting a compensation plan for the interns, delegating duties to the various staff members to guide the interns during their internship program in the organization. The final phase of the program will entail taking action by ensuring that the interns are posted in the right departments of the college. The suitability of the interns will also be evaluated and where necessary the interns will be interviewed and the best selected to join the staffs of the college. The activities mentioned above will be attained in a span of 2 to 10 weeks.



Qualifications and interests


Being an administrator who is highly interested in promoting corporate social responsibility by organization in the society, an internship program as staffing service for college ensures the both the society, the intern and organization are able to reciprocally benefit from each other. The college stands the a better chance to enhance its productivity, easily identify its future employees, increase innovation and creativity, enjoy low cost of labor and foster employee retention by reducing high staff turn over. The intern will be to capture and opportunity for career development and thus enhances their competitiveness in the labor market. to the society, the internship program ensures that the labor in the society is highly developed and also foster opportunities for job creations. My interest in this field are fueled by the aforementioned benefits that internship program brings to the society (Sue, & Shellenbarger).



The action plan for the implementation of the internship program will involve all the members of the college from the low level staffs, top level managers and the board of governors.



Works cited

Sue, & Shellenbarger. “Do You Want An Internship? It’ll Cost You”. The Wall Street Journal. 2009.


Timothy,& Noah “Opportunity for Sale; Psst! Wanna buy an internship?”.b “Unpaid internships face legal, ethical scrutiny”, The Bowdoin Orient, Bowdoin College, April , 2009.


Crnkovi膰, & Sanja, “Transition from School to Work: Internships and First Entry to the Labour Market in Croatia”, European Training Foundation (ETF) agency of the European Union, Turin, Italy, working paper, 2009.


M眉nster . Nyt kvote 2 system fjerner motivation fra unge frivillige (New system removes motivation from youth volunteers 2008.

Medicine and Health

Block grant for center for birth defects and developmental disabilities

Block grant for center for birth defects and developmental disabilities

Grant checklist proposal

Registration information Contact information Organization information Organization background Project details Project budget
路聽聽聽聽聽 Contact name


Email address


路聽聽聽聽聽 Contact name



telephone number

email address

Organization name


Telephone number, website address





Name of organization board of direction

Organizations other donors

Executive summary

History of the project

project timeline


Requested amount

Total project budget

Total organizational operating budget


路聽聽聽聽聽 Organization


-zip code.



Contact type


Board of directors, grant writer. Trustee

location Benefits to the community.

Non discriminative policy

Community need to be addressed

Provision of analysis of the projects risks and limitations



Letter of support

Center for birth defects and developmental disabilities participates in the study of diseases at the population level, we intent to find common factors in populations that cause diseases. We strive to find common causes of birth defects. Following our research we found that 90% of women using drugs such as; cigarettes, alcohol are likely to develop birth defects and hence give birth to children with disabilities as compared to those who do not use drugs.

Looking at epidemiology of HIV/AIDS disease it has radically reduce over 20 years, a lot needs to be done. The prime causes of HIV/AIDS should be pronounced for instance; having sex with infected person, blood transfusion and using unsterilized objects. Intensive education should be done. Education facilitates awareness and aid in provision of preventive measures. For the success of all this there is need for resources to be able to reduce cases and mortality rates of this disease.



Timeline for grant submission

I propose opening the facility for center for birth defects and developmental disabilities to provide various services such as therapy, parenting classes, and monthly behavior analysis. Our facility (Valley Brook) mission would go hand in hand with goals of the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, which aim at finding preventive measures to major birth defects brought by maternal risk factors and reduction disparities in obesity and health indicators in children and teenagers with disabilities. (CDC, 2011).

The facility (Valley Brook hospital) would target children who reside in Tennessee. Majorly we will aim at those children from poor background and whose family has a history of birth defects or developmental disabilities. We will use the block grant to carry out various programming in a general policy area (Hall, 2012) to fund the construction and initial staffing for Valley Brook. The facility admission has increased at 17% per year this means that the work load has increased and the healthcare facility will need to expand for more capacity. What is most important is the quality of work that the healthcare offers to its customers. The work they do should be efficient so as to continue attracting new customers and the healthcare to continue growth. It’s important to care about quality of care.

Since we anticipate commencing our project as soon as possible we require the grants in eight months. The budget sums up to $6,000,000 for a period of two years. The facility will be of great help to the community since they will get to be educated and get a facility to meet there needs especially those with disabilities at a subsidized cost.


CDC National center of birth defects and development disabilities 2011 Retrieved March 5, 2013

Hall, J. (2012). Grant management funding for public and nonprofit programs. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

Hill-Burton Free and Reduced-Cost Health Care Retrieved March, 5th 2013

Why is Quality Health Care Important – 2010 New Jersey Hospital.Retrieved March 5, 2013






At Your Service (Food service delivery)


At your service is a business that will provide all sorts of foods to meet the needs of a customer. The company offers foods for business trips, holiday vacations for families and foods for special occasions. At your service has a specialized means for helping customers to identify the type of food they want in terms of quantity and cost. The business will offer foods that are of good quality and are of high standard. At your service will offer high standard services that are able to meet the needs of the customer no matter the amount of money he receives. At your service will cater for people who have high pays and those who have low pay. At your service will deliver food to either people who are moving a house or people who want to transfer an office. They have a variety of vans ranging from small, medium to big vans. At your service, offers appropriate amount of discounts and customers are able to book and make changes through online. The business has best interest of customers at heart and millions of customers trust it.


Mini Business Plan Proposal for Perioperative Services

Introduction and Overview

Healthcare organizations must continuously develop new ideas and concepts to promote efficiency and cost effectiveness at all levels of operations. This is achieved through the creation of new process methods which may require additional employees but will create an even greater return on investment in the future. These efforts are critical in shaping healthcare operations in a favorable manner. The focus of this business proposal will support the development of a process method which is designed to reduce surgical errors, improve efficiency, and expand the quality of patient care in perioperative settings. The Surgical Time Out (STO) will be considered as a means of improving outcomes, reducing errors, and enhancing revenue capabilities for healthcare organizations which seek to optimize their surgical operations. This method will be implemented in the surgical suite so that errors are reduced and any incidents involving wrong patient or wrong procedure no longer exist.

IT Management

Structured Cabling Project

The networking of Hinds Hall鈥檚 four floors is going to take on two different formats: a wireless as well as a wired network. Outlined below is an overview of the planned approach to cabling, as the wired network will be the main platform for networking, with the wireless network simply being an addition to increase the networking opportunities. The outline will take on a step by step format, detailing the installation of the six subsystems as indicated within the EIA/TIA 568B standard. The first step in the cabling process will entail identification of the Building Entrance (EF), followed by the selection of an Equipment room, relative to the entry point of the main cables. The best route for the backbone cabling, used to link the telecommunications closets (TE) will then be identified, bearing in mind the distance limitations of the cable used (UTP CAT 6A in this case). The design for the horizontal cabling as well as the termination points (wall plates) for each individual floor will also be outlined.

Healthcare Nursing

Proposal on providing healthier lunches to address obesity in school age children

This research proposal is aimed at investigating the extent to which the provision for healthy lunches by schools affects the rates of obesity among the learners. The study will be conducted on the state of Michigan, USA.