Nursing Interventions for Fatigue in Patients with Cancer


Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer face a number of critical challenges during the treatment and recovery phases. In particular, cancer treatments often wreak havoc on organs and  body systems and cause a variety of symptoms.  As a result, many cancer patients seek relief from the harsh nature of these symptoms and look for guidance from health professionals regarding symptom management and alleviation through various techniques and strategies. Cancer-related fatigue is of critical concern for many cancer patients and may create challenges in maintaining a comfortable routine. A number of techniques have been proven effective in relieving cancer-related fatigue, including a regular exercise routine. It is important for nurses and other care providers to offer recommendations and strategies for reducing cancer-related symptoms and fatigue, including a comprehensive evaluation of exercise as a positive influence in the lives of cancer patients. A research study considering the role of exercise and its impact on fatigue in cervical cancer patients will also be considered.