Introduction to Caribbean History: Early Slavery

Agricultural history in the English west and Indies was dominated by the formation of the plantation systems and slavery[1]. Slavery is described as the importation of large numbers of servile laborers from various parts of the world, such as Africa, Asia, and Europe Slavery was a common practice at the beginning of the seventeenth century, which is the time at which the plantations were established[2].  Colonization was also a dominant factor at the time, and it had a substantial contribution to slavery. Most slaves were unwillingly drawn from their countries by the colonial masters and subjected to hard labor on plantations. In the Caribbean where Britain was one of the colonizers, which started as early as the 1640s, it was the part of the world that was then characterized by vast Establishment of vast sugar, cocoa and other plantations in the Caribbean led to the high demand of labor which encouraged the slave trade in the region.