Visiting 2 religion


Religion is an important aspect of the lives of many. Many people may even argue that society could not function without religion. This is true because religion regulates human behavior. Most laws are that we have today are rooted in religious practices somehow. Without the many religions that are present in the United States, society would be greatly changed. Whether it would be better or worse remains an unanswered question. Some people feel it would be better, while others are adamant that society would be in utter chaos without religion. Religion provides a reason for life- a meaning for everything. Most religions teach that society members should work together and share in love. They also discourage selfishness that only complicates society. Religion plays a bigger role in life than many people realize.  Religion affects family, education, etc. Marriage is a religious ceremony. Whether or not one becomes educated depends or his/her religious beliefs. Some religions shone education, while other only educate their men. Although there are so many different types of religions, they all attempt to make sense of the world. The two religions I decided to investigate were: Judaism and Catholicism.