American History

The American Civil War

The American civil war was one of the significant events that occurred in the history of America. Based on different ideologies held by the soldiers, the combat served to shape the different perceptions of events. The motivation to fight is probably the leading cause that shaped the facts of this historical process. These soldiers identified slavery as the root of the Civil War. Just as, by “slavery,” they did not mean some abstract concept or a detached philosophical metaphor for ideas about freedom, but rather the actual enslavement of human beings in the United States based on race (Manning 54). The aspect is emphasized by Chandra Manning, who opines that slavery contributed the most substantial portion in the events of the war (Manning 54). Different elements such as equality, religion, patriotism, the ideal of honour and manhood acted as the main reason why the soldiers fought. The parties involved in the war, including the Confederate and the Union (white and black) soldiers, based their struggles on different ideologies that shaped their struggle for independence. Supported by diverse secondary literature, including diaries and newspapers, Manning postulates how the war was and how it impacted on the lives of many soldiers.