Changing of A Negative Work Experience Using Taylorism

A lot of campus students search for a part time jobs since their expenditure surpasses their “parental or Scholarship” income or are thirsty for a Co-operate experience besides attachments or internships, I was one of the many toilers, hunting for one. Fortunately, I managed to a get a slot at a new local McDonalds joint which was opened near my home. As many of the successful candidates had applied for the job earlier even before the joint was opened, we undertook training at an “experienced” McDonalds joint which was the finest in the city for an entire month. During the training I made friends with one lady. We undertook grilling techniques that entailed preparing and cooking foods, service for a team which elaborated how to deal and communicate with customers and how to use the register, and finally drives-thru. The training experience was great since we were given the opportunity to work in under the supervision of the best of the best of McDonald’s management teams.