Changing the Social Determinants of Health


Wk.5  (a) Negative effects of industrial production on Food Supply

(b) Location effects on access to good food.

Wk.6 (a) Inadequate housing and health

(b)  Other aspects of the environment to consider

Wk.7 (a) Organization of work affects health

(b) Changes that can be made

Wk. 8 (a) Violence and Health

(b) Violence affecting people living in Canada and new arrivals

Wk. 9 (a) Colonial policies and practices of Canadian State towards Aboriginal Indians

(b) Effect of polices on Aboriginal Indians communities and health

Wk.10. (a) Capitalist economy and health

(b)  Economic equality and health

Wk. 11   (a) Medicine, human need and capitalistic impositions

(b) Changes based on equity

Wk. 12 (a) Political interventions needed to improve health in Canada

(b) Challenges to organizing change