Classic English Literature

Charles, Prince of Wale


Most people may know Prince Harry and Prince William’s father as prince Charles, but he goes by a handful of regal names, including his most commonly known title: the Prince of Wales. Philip Arthur George, widely known as Charles the Prince of Wales, is one of the most celebrated leaders in England. His full names are full titles are Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland (Kretschmer 1) The Prince of Wales was a title given to the oldest male heir of the sovereign power of the throne of England. Being the firstborn of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, Prince Charles earned himself the title of the Prince of Wales. Literary, the name “Wales” means the country of Wales, which is a section of the United Kingdom (UK). The Prince of Wales title is never inherited but bestowed by the sovereign. The aim of the current study, therefore, is to carry out a literature search to discuss the history and various facts about Prince Charles, also the Prince of Wales.