Chief Complaint, Differentials for Acute Exacerbation of Asthma

Chief Complaint:-Sudden onset of shortness of breath; tightening of the chest and persistent coughing

Subjective: – The patient related, ‘I arose early this morning, took a bath and my medications. I then sat on my front porch in the apartment complex and began viewing the morning scenery towards the roadway. A car was approaching, which seemed to have an exhaust problem because the noise could have been heard in the distance. As it drew nearer I began smelling smoke. When I looked, the car was covered in smoke speeding down the roadway. I tried getting inside before it could reach in front of where I was sitting. Before I could get inside a coughing began and my chest started tightening. I threw myself on the nearby couch and grabbed the ventilator. One hour passed and I got no relief. The symptoms seemed to worsen. Two hours were approaching when I decided to call 911 for help. They arrived within minutes and had me transported to the emergency.’