Commodification of “Community” for Developer’s Profit

There are many different types of homes and home communities available to us in the real estate market today. A homebuyer seeking to live in a community development has many different choices. Homebuyers can choose from loft condominiums, gated communities, golf course communities, retirement communities or new urbanism communities, for example. The home communities seen today have their starting roots as far back as the modern city movement of the late-Nineteenth and early-Twentieth centuries. This was a period of urban development that incorporated networked infrastructures, rational geographic design, and centralized and standardized systems. (Code) Graham and Marvin gave us four pillars for understanding the modern industrial city and the second of these pillars, “That urban planning developed in support of and supported by the same environment of progress and modernization,” along with the third pillar, “That modernization as an ideal became integrated into our way of life through home-based consumption,” is one that can best help to understand the home communities present today. (Code)