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Gender Theories

Language patterns of women differs from men’s, according to recent gender theories. However, most of the authors focus on communication. In the below essay I would like to reflect on the socialization through gender and communication based on my own life experiences. According to moral and social development theories, it is evident that genders are separated on different levels; women who care and men who are fair, men who separate and women who connect and this reflects on their communication style. (Griffin, 2011, p. 82-83.) Below I would like to review the most significant 20th Century gender communication theory set by Tannen to examine whether applies to my own personality development and life.

Communication Strategies

The Great Debaters

  1. In a few paragraphs, explain the social, political and legal issues addressed in the film. What were the secret meetings about and why was secrecy so important?

The setting of the movie is concentrated upon the time when the black Americans are considered at a lower status than that of the white Americans. This is considered to be specifically reflected over the belief that the white Americans are much highly intellectual compared to the black Americans [and this is aimed to be proven through debate]. Considerably, the capacity of the team of black debaters in the movie to face the challenge of debating with white American students was considered as a specific rule out from the actual situation in the society during the time. It is because of this that the theme of the movie was considered bold especially in imposing that the black Americans were able to stand out amongst the rest of other debaters coming from the white American teams. The practices of the team of black American debaters have been held in secret showing how much suppressed their activities were and amidst these challenges, their victory has been specifically directed as a means of achievement on their part.

Communication Strategies

Proper Implication of Time Management and Its Benefits


Employment of proper time management procedures can prove to be extremely beneficial in personal growth, in the workplace, as well as reducing stress to enhance overall well being. Time is indeed an important element that is considered to have a great impact on how people live their lives. Relatively, it is also assumed to have great power over the condition of living that is lead by every individual. This is the reason why it is strongly suggested that time be managed accordingly not only for the sake of considering its value, but also for the sake of making a great impact on how the manner of living that one assumes in relation to the power that it has over the said individual.

Communication Strategies

Effective communication techniques

Stress and anger

Conflict form part of people’s livelihood, every moment of time people conflict in ideas and opinions. There exist many types of conflicts; some of the most common types include domestic conflicts, where people of a given family or household engage in constant loggerheads with each other (Deutsch & Coleman, 2000). Causes of such may be land issues, inheritance, and leadership among others. Another type of conflict is the social conflict. This is where a person is at conflicting interest with certain aspects in the community. These may include norms, rules, and regulations, social cultures among other things.

Communication Strategies

Response Paper Presentation

  • People often come across research in everyday life or are curious about a topic and decide to conduct their own research. Identify a time you wanted to research something and explain how you performed the research and what you learned as a result. How can you apply this experience to your own academic research?

I was rather curious about how modern marketing actually affects the behavior of consumers. Because of this, I tried to set up a survey on several participants chosen at a random approach. Most likely though, I chose individuals from ages 18 to 26 who are likely given the chance to decide on whichever they would want to buy and has the capacity to do so. I figured these participants would respond better to the idea of marketing approaches influencing the way they decide on their purchases. As a result, I was able to learn that at least 85% of the participants I have observed actually let marketing approaches such as TV and internet advertising affect their purchasing decisions.

In relation to my own personal academic research, I see that the past research experience I have could provide me with the skill I need to be able to manifest a sense of control on how I am to get the information I need and who I am supposed to get in contact with in relation to the data I hope to incur.

  • I am very analytical and ask many questions to really understand how something works. Last December, a position posted for mortgage loan officer at my current job and I was in inspired to apply. The last four moths I had been assisting the mortgage loan officers and decided that I would do some additional research to determine if this position would be a good fit for me. I initiated research by finding a book on mortgage lending. I found an excellent book through the iBook’s store. I knew that since this was a published book and received over four hundred positive customer reviews this would be a credible resource. The book explained the job overview in addition to helpful tips on doing the job well. The next bit of research was to schedule a meeting with each of the loan officers and interview them with questions about their job and what they found the most difficult. I knew this would be helpful because it would provide a face-to-face interaction with a real veteran loan officer.  Using the notes I had taken from the loan officers and the book, I made a list of pros and cons to determine if this job would fit my life style and needs. I ended up applying for the job, and the results transformed into a successful interview and promotion. My methods can be applied to my academic research by simply finding effective and credible resources, and taking effective notes to analyze the research.

The proper drive to get a good job was the primary motivator of the individual sharing experience herein. It could be realized that it is his personal desire to learn and be fit for a job he wants to get that pushed them to do a proper research on the matter. Overall, the transformation of situations especially relating to the success of the research being useful in the process of application provides a good foundation that the individual could later on use in his academic researches.

  • Review Ch. 11, Section 2 of Writing for Success. What are the suggested methods for selecting a research topic? What method do you think will work best for you and why?

When choosing the right topic for research, it is important to consider the interest that the researcher has on the issue. It is also vital that the availability of supporting research materials be observed accordingly. These particular considerations should be given specific attention to. Notably, the capacity of the researcher to obtain proper supporting materials that could establish the arguments and the claims he presents along with the study he pursues will further establish the practical value of the research based on the actual situations that are relatively connected to the issues involved.

Noting the stakeholders of the study would provide the researcher a strong foundation as to which particular elements he should depend his methodologies of research on. Being closely related to the topic he chose would let him find it easier to expand on the issues and dig deeper as needed since the issues involved affects him personally. For me, this particular approach to choosing topic for research would be best able to give me the proper motivation to complete my task.

  • There are different methods you can choose from.  a preliminary search, search several databases, make sure to choose a topic that interest you personally, pick a topic that no one else on the class is likely working on, and you always want to select a topic with moderate amount of published information. The method that I would choose is preliminary searches this is because you can get an idea of what kind of information is available and whether or not there is even enough information available to write about your topic. I like this because it can be done very quickly and easily it’s a great way to get better confidence when choosing a topic or even writing the paper. Thinking early leads to starting early. If the you begin thinking about possible topics when the assignment is given, you have already begun the arduous, yet rewarding, task of planning and organization. Once you made the assignment a priority in your mind, you may begin to have ideas throughout the day. 

It is true that the interest of one in connection with a specific topic would affect the interest he has in relation to the process he takes into consideration that would further improve the understanding he has regarding a certain issue. It is the existence of such interest that would further motivate a person to do more and dig more regarding an issue thus creating a responsive form of research that would be practical for use in the future.

  • Consider the time management tips you have learned in previous courses. What types of information should you include in your project schedule? How do you plan to manage your research and writing to ensure your project is completed on time? 150 words. DQ 3.1

I would personally attend to the search of primary references first. This would comprise of several research materials that would be closely related to my topic. Through internet and library database research, I am hoping to find relatively connective researches that are able to support my topic. Once this is done, the search for secondary references shall be my next focus. In this aspect though, applying my personal decision on whether or not a reference would be useful, I am hoping to pick those that would really be able to give me an edge in becoming better acquainted to the topic I am researching about. In relation to this process, being fully in focus of my goals is important to be able to complete matters on time and remain in the schedule.

  • Is it important to have a research question when writing a research paper? Why? 150 words DQ 4.1

A research question is basically the foundation of any particular research. The existence of a research question provides the researcher the proper direction he needs to take to be able to accomplish specific tasks according to the topic he has chosen. It is also through one’s understanding of the research question he hopes to respond to that he becomes more capable of finding better methodologies to use to prove his arguments and claims in connection to the study he aims to finish.

Research questions establish a specific path for researcher to take in consideration with the results he aims to gain at the end of completing the study he hopes to pursue. Serving as specific guidance for the researcher to take, this particular element of research makes an impact on how a researcher sees the condition of learning that he is supposed to gain from the procedures he hopes to apply in gaining the information that he specifically hopes to present to his readers in support of his hypothesis.

  • What type of information would you include in a research plan? How will this information guide you as you begin your project?

When completing a research plan, it is important to put in the topic for research, the problem or the question to be tackled, the purpose and objectives of the study as well as the primary references to be used. The establishment of a specific methodology to take into consideration is essential in making up a research plan. All these elements put together would further improve the manner by which a topic is handled by a researcher.

Possibly, if desired, a set schedule could also be included in a research plan to make sure that everything is completed according to the time limit that is supposed to be followed in relation to the finalization of the study. Following the schedule would of course put the urgency of the process in concern hence bringing about a sense of realization in connection with how a research is supposed to affect the stakeholders to whom it is dedicated to.

Communication Strategies

Effective Communication and Employee Performance

Effective communication refers to delivery of undistorted information, with the delivery of the desired effect. Being effective communication is more than just sending and receiving an intended message but also choosing the right type of message as well as the appropriate channel of communication.  The desired information is interpreted between different parties and acted upon in the desired way. Communication is defined as imparting or exchanging information between two entities using a system of symbols, signs, or other behaviors.  Within the scope of businesses communications are passed in multiple ways.  There are messages sent with intention of receipt by the receiver and messages that are sent without intention or purpose.  The results of these communications all depend upon the receiver.  This being said the actual message sent to the receiver goes through multiple areas that could alter the transmission.  These alterations are called noise. 

Communication Strategies

Communication strategies

Is it important to be objective when receiving feedback?

Feedback is essential part of communication process that normally occurs after an exchange of information has taken place. Feedback is important since it aid in letting people know how effective they are in whatsoever they are trying to attain. Feedback is effective way of knowing how respondent perceives the sender. It is through feedback that problem is solved. The attitude of objectivity makes feedback highly effective. Feedback should be viewed objectively whether positive or negative.

One should accept the feedback, whether encouraging or discouraging. For instance one should be objective when revising his/her rough draft to make it as effective as possible. Objectivity enables the writer to identify mistakes that he/she had not seen earlier; improving his work. All feedback are not positive, therefore objectivity enables one to be open minded and take in consideration the persons thought leading to better results. The attitude of being objective makes feedback more effective.

How does revision help with crafting a more organized essay? Why might the peer reviewer read your thesis and the first sentence of each body paragraph?

It is through revision that the writer correct mistakes concerning; punctuations, spelling, verb agreement through editing and proofreading.

Thesis and topic sentence are what draws the reader in. They are the basis for the paper and points out sense of paper structure and if not written well then it illustrates bad picture about your essay; poorly written. The conclusion is of significance as it portrays whether the writer say the same thing as the introduction.

Why is it hard to remain objective when you receive feedback about your writing? Why do we feel so intimately connected to our writing?

It is hard to remain objective especially when we receive negative feedback about what we have done/produced. It is normally much encouraging receiving compliments than disagreements. Compliments as we all know points out that we are on the right path. Negative feedback shows things are inappropriate and so need to worry.

We feel so intimately connected to our writing because we acknowledge our efforts; writing is a task and needs commitment. Every writer is always proud of his work since he knows it is his/her own contribution. Every writer is sure that the work he/she produce is good basing on is skills and provided he does thorough research. It’s difficult to adjust to opinions of others, we tend to react defensively. One of the vital aspects that need to be constantly nourished to condition the mind and to regulate the emotions that can grow is the act of being non-personal.

Response concerning feedback received from peers.

Yes. It is important to be objective when receiving feedback on an essay. Sometimes we feel the peer’s criticism is not worth. In this case we should be opening minded and take their thoughts in consideration .We should adhere strictly to what we are instructed to do and I must say it works wonders, eventually one get to develop good essay. It is also recommended that the writer should air out his/her dissatisfaction.

Response concerning adherence to the feedback

The writer’s aim of giving out his work to outsider to help with revision is to get opinions and be corrected. It’s important to be objective when receiving feedback and never ignore any comment. The writer realizes that there exist minor mistakes that he/she could not figure out. The reviewer’s assistance is of significance so long as the writer takes the feedback objectively and fixes the problems. Objectivity has made number of writers produce good essays.

There is no science to how long paragraphs should be, what techniques do you use or will you uses to ensure that your paragraphs are an appropriate length?

Writer should ensure his/her paragraphs are of appropriate length. Writer should ensure that entire paragraph points out single concern. When the paragraph starts with a single focus it should also end with same ideas.

Paragraphs should begin with introductory sentence which portrays subject of that paragraph. Sometimes writer finds his/her paragraph is too long to curb this; ideas should be logically and sequentially organized. Paragraphs should be of same length all through the essay. One vital element that makes feedback highly effective is the attitude of being objective. Feedbacks typically exist and are given to boost one’s confidence in the performance of the tasks being assigned. Whether it is a positive or a negative one, feedbacks should always be viewed in an objective, and definitely non-personal manner.

Short paragraphs arise as a result of insufficient idea development. Writer should use examples and illustrations, cite data, examine testimony, and use anecdote or story.

Respond on issue of long paragraphs.

Although there is no limit on how long paragraph should be. Addition of irrelevant and unnecessary information leads to build up of long paragraphs which have no focus. Irrelevant information cause ones argument to loose force. The reader will lose interest to read your article and this becomes a minus. Writer should avoid straying off the point. Stick to the point and adhere to concise and clarity. Feedbacks should be taken positively and with no strings attached.

If you were providing feedback to a peer on his/her essay how would you go about doing it? How can you present the suggestion so that he/she will be receptive?

When delivering feedback to a peer concerning his/her essay I will ensure that the critique focus on just one issue at a time and begin broadly getting more precise as conversation proceed will use “I” language and be balanced with some positive points. Will use questions since it gives the peer opportunity to respond and participate. It also facilitates two way communications. Being objective remains to be one of the most effective ways for one to grow holistically.

Communication Strategies

Effective communication and employee performance

First, when one has done with the drafting stuff, it is pertinent to embark on revision so that the point addressed is clearly understood. Obviously, introduction comes first in any paper and here is where reader’s attention is captured. Therefore, when revising, take a keen look at the introduction because often, new ideas as well as arguments will always strike the minds. Specifically, at the introduction part one has to pay attention at the thesis statement, whether it attracts the readers’ attention and how clear it is. Secondly, paragraphs should start with a clear sentence that formally communicates to readers the entire information addressed in the paragraph. When revising it is pertinent to evaluate every topic sentence to ensure it effectively, introduce the next paragraph.

Communication Strategies Other


  1. A hook is very important in any essay because it will arouse the interest of the reader to a great extent. Nonetheless, the hook does not have to be a perfect one. Although some topic may seem uninteresting to some readers, the identification of that hook might make them read a story that looked boring there before. This is because it is responsible for grabbing the attention of the reader within a spur-of-a-moment. It all relies upon the writer to make his otherwise uninteresting topic to be interesting by coming up with a hook in the first paragraph of the text and preferably in the first sentence. You can begin your hook by asking three rhetorical questions in a row or by stating three startling facts in succession. Alternatively, you can use an anecdote (a short story) to reinforce the argument you are trying to bring out in your paper.
Communication Strategies Other

Communication Strategies

Below are a few examples of hooks. Choose three and provide a brief review of them. Do you think they are effective? Why or why not?

  • The American people have been concerned about the poor economy for many years.

This hook is effective in the sense that the Americans are concerned about their future and how they will survive with a weak economic trend.

  • Football has been a popular American sport since the first game took place more than 100 years ago.

Marketers and advertisers use American football for their promotions. This hook is effective because to-date American players and associations want to be associated with football players.

  • Forensic psychologists have always been fascinated by serial killers.

This field concerns psychology and law. Their fascination is rooted in solving mysteries and killings. It is effective and solves tragic deaths in the community.

What do good manners look like in an introduction? How important are they? Why?

Good manners entail considering the feelings of others through being courteous and polite. This is achieved through considering their feelings and showed through writing. This displays respect for others in the surrounding and accorded the same by societal members because the set standards in your writing shows an outstanding behavior. Manners make a good impression and are used every day, which leaves individuals feeling good.

Talking about your topic on racism and how your introduction may come off as bias on one race. I was not sure how to say it, but how does a writer not offend a race? Take the commercial for Volkswagen; it has so much controversy because a guy from Minnesota is using a Jamaican accent in during the commercial and saying nothing but nice thing, yet many people found it offensive. So was the writer not using good manners as he or she wrote the script for that commercial?

For this particular script, in my opinion, the advertisement was not acting racist because it brought out the Jamaican culture and introduced it to the world. By watching the commercial, I was fascinated at how individuals connected with the Jamaican accent and this brought out a feeling of embracing other world cultures. This commercial is not about color, but gives particular reference to the Volkswagen and encourages people to interact.

When making your introduction you have guidelines to follow if you want to produce a successful piece. Your introduction is the piece of your writing that will keep your audience wanting more. This should be the area where you sell your subject. Using good manners means you will not turn off the reader and have them stop reading before they have truly begun. When I pick up a book I want to know within the first few pages of where I have begun how I relate or and interested. If I do not grasp the right purpose, I will not want to read any further. Another way a good manner looks well is through formal writing styles and corrects grammar. You gain respect and understanding through formalities. Even if they are written. I feel having good manners in an introduction is as important to the writer / reader as it is in all areas of communication. It just depends on the intent of your writing.

I agree that a writer in the introductory paragraph should reflect good manners since it says a lot about the subject and the views of the author. This aspect is important to both the writer and all areas of communication because it brings out important and relevant issues of the subject under discussion, which also reflects on an individual’s understanding and point of reference in real life.


Communication Strategies

Communication Strategies Other

Communications Questions


Question 1

Identify an introductory technique that could be used to grab the reader’s attention and showcase the main idea. Why did you select this technique? Where would it be useful? Where might it not work?

The funnel technique is a method of asking questions that begin at a very general level and gradually become more specific. It is a way to clarify details and home in on a specific point and draws the audience deeper into the questioning as the level of detail progresses. Closed questions, questions with one correct response, are used at first and as the levels progress open questions, where different answers are possible, are then asked to uncover specific detail. This technique is useful to find out more detail about something specific. It is not as useful if the beginning level is too large.

Question 2

Why might a “reverse funnel” technique be effective for a conclusion? What are the advantages of reminding your reader about your thesis at the start of your conclusion? Why should writers never introduce new information in a concluding paragraph? Instead, what should be placed between the restated thesis and the closing statement?

The reverse funnel technique gives the writer an automatic format for their conclusion and restates the information from introduction, putting the thesis at the beginning of the conclusion. Restating the information is important, because it brings readers full-circle back to the focus of the paper and highlights the most important points made. Reiterating the thesis at the beginning of the conclusion allows the reader to connect the points they just read with the initial statement. No new information should be introduced here because there is not time to properly develop or support it. A summary of key points should lie between the restated thesis and closing.

Question 3

The Electronic Reserve Reading for this week, “Bare Bones Guide to Good Introductions,” states that an effective introduction must “make use of psychology” (p 20). What do you think the author meant?

The author meant that even though you as the writer are presenting your own stand on the topic, your goal is for the audience to absorb the information, to be swayed to your own position, or to enjoy the material being presented. In order to ensure that this happens, the writer needs to consider the psychological makeup of the audience they mean to reach. When a writer formats their introduction to “make use of psychology” (p.20), they are considering which introductive technique, such as the funnel technique, will most effectively draw and hold their audience’s attention and guide them eagerly into the body of the paper.

Question 4

Writers begin with the section of the essay they know the most about and feel the most comfortable with.  Why might this strategy be effective for you?  Which part of your final essay do you feel most comfortable about?

To begin with the section of the essay I know the most about and feel the most comfortable with is an effective strategy for me because it gives me a quick sense of accomplishment and achievement. When I am able to quickly and easily complete a section of the essay and cross that part of it off the outline, it helps me feel more confident about completing the remaining sections. For my final essay, I feel most comfortable with the introduction and conclusion parts. I feel like I have a good grasp of the introduction techniques and how to use them, and a good conclusion should be follow easily enough if the introduction is well laid out.