Mobile/Viral Video Production Company


            The industry of mobile creation has reached its peak status in relation to the manner by which the gadget industry has surged during these years. It could be understood that somehow, it is because of this trend in the market that companies like Mobile/Viral make a great impact on how the development of the trend takes a sense of advancement through time depending on how the market responds to the said change of culture in utilizing videos. For this particular presentation, a suggestion on how the company could boost their way of marketing the videos they create shall be given particular attention to.


Williams-Sonoma Company

If the Williams-Sonoma continues with its present strategies and objectives, where will it be in five years?

The William Sonoma strategies are among the best and most lucrative in the market. Their strategy majorly revolves around expanding its widths and meeting the needs of many people around the globe. With a continuation of this strategy, the company will gain a worldwide status whereby it will be receiving orders from countries all over the world. The company wings such as direct to customer channel and the retail channels both help it reach and meet the needs of many customers (Wheelen & Hunger, 2010). As indicated, in the financial year 2003/2004 the company recorded a net revenue increase of 16.7% over the previous year. Also at the end of first quarter, the company realized another revenue increase of 19%, a figure that is higher than the previous one. This trend is very good and if the company maintains it, then there is a possibility of attaining a higher growth rate (Warren & Reeve, 2007).