Compelling Foundation: Clifford as Inspiring Thoughts on Atheism

As I consider it, two reasons went to my deciding to write on atheism based on Clifford’s “The Ethics of Belief.”  The first relies on the decision process itself, in that reading Clifford’s careful breakdowns of the layers of belief actually motivated me to apply the same reasoning to spirituality.  My paper reflects that Clifford himself is no proponent of atheism; he is thorough in exploring the fallacies behind beliefs of all kinds, but he is as well committed to ethics, and clearly in ways linked to faith.  In a sense, then, I chose to take the author’s thinking farther than he himself intended, and employ it to at least question the subject he does not precisely challenge.  In my writing, in fact, it occurred to me that Clifford would likely object to the course I was taking, but I also felt that he had “only himself to blame”; his rationales are simply too strong to not be used in an examination of faith itself.