Communications and Media

Computer and Web Ethics


It seems that the already complex field of ethics generally has been vastly expanded by the advent and increasingly widespread use of the Internet, particularly in regard to research and commercial information.  Debate has always been in place concerning ethical issues in obtaining, maintaining, and releasing information; when, however, virtually everyone is now able to access inestimable sources of data, and of all kinds, the ethics become far more problematic.  Compounding the issues is the speed at which the technology evolves, as new modes of access offer new challenges as to the rights to retrieve and utilize information.  This very dilemma, however, may be seen as indicating the correct course for web ethics in an inevitably changing landscape.  As opportunities for unethical access increase, the “arms race” between security and entry will continue, but an ethical foundation reliant only on basic codes of conduct may be constructed to address eventualities.  In the shifting world of Internet usage and technology, the only means of establishing a correct ethical approach is through a cautious ethical platform not subject to  variations in ability and access.