Concerning the Efficacy of a Vegetarian Diet: A Review of Factors and Outcomes

Table of Contents

Introduction (p. 2).

  1. Diet and Preference: Adherence and Outcomes (p. 2).
  2. The Importance of Lifestyle: A Consideration of Factors (p. 4).

III. Does Vegetarianism Improve Health? (p. 5).

Conclusion (p. 7).

References & Annotations (p. 8).

 Introduction: The health benefits of vegetarian diets have been much championed and widely touted, both in popular circles and in the literature. There is evidence indeed that adhering to a vegetarian diet results in improved health outcomes, including reduced weight, and lower risks of heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. However, a careful consideration of the literature provides room to doubt that at least some of the purported benefits of vegetarian diets are uniquely vegetarian, since the influence of other lifestyle factors, including physical exercise and the avoidance of smoking and excessive drinking, has been found to be significant for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.