Reducing Aggression and Conflict: The Incompatible Response Approach or Why People Who Feel Good Usually Won’t be Bad by Robert Baron

Article Review

The desire to know what contributes to human aggression is the primary focus of Robert Baron’s study. Utilizing the aggression machine, which was introduced and used by Arnold Buss in 1967, Baron intended to create his own aggression machine and try whether or not a person would choose aggression over calmness when presented with certain situations. In his study, it showed that there are different elements that affected the decision of those who used the aggression machine against the supposed ‘victims’ [the people who participated as victims were not really affected by the aggression machine, but they were there to at least make the participants who used the aggression machine to think that the shocks they were sending through the machine were real]. One of the primary elements observed by Baron to have affected the aggression of the person handling the machine is that of ‘perception and peer motivation’. This aspect imposes the ‘monkey-see-monkey-do’ idealism. Relatively, as one proctor pushes the low button [which releases low shock], the participant[s] try the same. When the proctor pushes the high button, the participant[s] does the same approach. However, what was seemingly interesting in the results was with that of the fact that the participant[s] handling the machine were further motivated to push higher shock wave buttons the longer they stay in control. It seemed that as if the power over the other gave them a hype of being in the verge of authority hence utilizing that power against the other.


Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution in any work place is a challenge to employees and employers. There are many causes of conflicts that include poor communication which leads to misunderstandings and differing personalities.

According to the Make Talk Work Bookmarks, there are a number of ways that conflicts can be managed and avoided in any work place. For example, in the first concept ‘To Keep an Open Mind’, one is required to listen to other people without interrupting them, to consider their ideas and ask questions in order to understand them better. The ‘try brainstorming’ concepts talks of individuals in an organization listing all ideas in any exercise they are engaged in, avoiding criticizing other people in the same entity, considering all sides(pros and cons) and formulating solutions that can solve the problem at hand. Finally individuals are required to accept personal differences, to acknowledge the feelings of their workmates and to put themselves in the same state as their workmates under the ‘try to understand others’ concept.


Diary entry reflecting the conflict that Daisy had with Jay Gatsby. Expressing her emotions after his death

Based on Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatzby from the Great Gatzby by Scott Fitzgerald


This diary entry reflects my understanding of how Daisy Buchanan came to realize the real meaning of love. It could be considered that this writing assignment provided me with the chance to dig deeper and become more involved in seeing through what she feels more than what she hopes to show as dictated in the novel. This way, I had to see to it that writers such as Scot Fitzgerald would never spell out everything in relation to the way they want their readers to understand the plots of their story. Relatively, this fact guided me into realizing that my understanding of the story ought to be deeper and more informed on the history that binds the characters together.


Working through Conflict

Conflict is a customary element of any healthy correlation. In any case, two persons can never be anticipated to settle on everything, continually. Acquiring knowledge on how to tackle a conflict as opposed to evading it is vital. Having the capability of controlling and getting rid of stress instantly is the fundamental to remaining poised, concentrated, and in control, even if the conditions and challenges are tricky (Goodall & Schiefelbein, 2010). Recently, two assistant managers were appointed to tackle the financial crisis of the company. The two assistant managers were Dr. Jackson who was a business specialist, and Mr. Newton who held a master’s in financial solutions. The two could not agree on the course of action to take since they believed they had the relevant and pertinent requirements to handle the problem (Doherty & Guyler, 2008). The general manager had to iron out their conflict by listening to either party and chose to concur with Mr. Newton whose ideas could mobilize and solve the difficulties faster and effectively.

Political Science

Why has there been a major conflict between the Islamic and the western world in the last 20 years?

Causes of Conflict between Islamic and Western Worlds

Over the past two decades, the world has experienced a growing intensity in strife between the Islamic and western nations. Such strife-filled situations became more evident during the Gulf wars in the 1990’s and the Iraq war of 2003 (Hafez 27). These two instances represented the peak of conflict between the two parties. Over these two decades, stakeholders have propagated various theories and ideologies suggested to be the root causes of the conflict. Distant perspective on the issue proposes rational causes like the clash in civilization, power vacuum and varied cosmopolitan views on human rights between the fighting parties (Huntington 57). Empirical evidence from practical situations serves the purpose of backing up these claims postulated by objective analysts of international conflicts (Hafez 32). Interested parties in the conflict, especially western nations and the US adopt realist theory as a mechanism of developing a coherent understanding on the justification behind their engagement.

Social Issues

Intrastate Conflict and Population Displacement around the World

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