IT Management

Windows 7 Workgroup Consultation

Sally Chu requires all six of her administrative staff members to have the same computer access privelages.She would like them to all be able to access the applications and use the shared printer network, but wants to prevent them from being able to make an accidental changes. To provide the most efficient method of creating user accounts for these employees, they will be each be made their own account with restricted access to certain activities that will be reserved for the administrator. The computers will be a part of a domain in which the network administrators will be able to program the security and permissions for all the computers that are a part of the network (Windows, n.d.) The easiest way to create the user accounts is to click the start option, access the control panel, click “User Accounts and Family Safety”, and then select “User Accounts”. After this screen, “Manage Another Account” should be selected and then six new accounts should be created that are unable to access administrative functions that are essential to the computer’s main functions. An individual account will be created for each employee to have access to each computer.