Criminal Justice

Corrections Trend Evaluation


This paper explores to research the responsibility of correctional systems which provide programs, facilities and other various services in order to make our communities secure from criminals. This will be in relation to development and operation of community-based corrections in the past, present and the future. Other issues of the paper will include current and the future matters of prisons and the administration strategies with a description of how such matters overpower corrections. Therefore, this may be in a form of prisons which are institutions developed because of some terribly evil people who do to cooperate with the society and may be good for them to be cut out the society and be kept in a place where they can be closely monitored. Corrections have always been there in the societies since long time and have kept on changing and evolving in every country of the world all over the centuries. Therefore, in criminal justice system, there are different forms in which corrections exist. However, corrections do not relate only to criminal justice systems but also to the community-based programs such as treatment facilities, halfway houses and others (Chen & Shapiro, 2007).