Criminal Behavior Annotated Bibliography

Jones, C.M. Genetic and Environmental Influences on Criminal Behavior. Rochester Institute of Technology.  (Retrieved on February 25, 2013)

This research examines the affects that environment plays in a person’s propensity to criminal behavior. In addition, the idea of criminal behavior tendencies being a product of a person’s genetic make-up is also explored. It is also noted that evidence shows that many individuals who are incarcerated have psychological problems, and this is seen as a stigma in society, as psychological problems may be inherited. The research defines criminal behavior and uses twin, adoption and familial studies to measure it. Research study findings show that neurochemicals are activated in behavioral patterns and with certain tendencies, such as criminal behavior tendencies. According to the research, this is attributed to certain personality traits and disorders. This and influences in a person’s environment can leave them susceptible to developing criminal behavior tendencies. The research concludes that a combination of these factors, including a lack of moral development draw a tendency in an individual toward criminal activity.

Criminal Justice

Socialization and Criminal Behavior

John Wayne Gacy was born on 17th of March, 1942 to John Stanley Gacy and Marion Elaine Robinson. His early life was spent in the town of Norridge, Illinois which is regarded as a suburban area of the city of Chicago. He studied at a local Catholic School till the age of eleven after which he was moved to a public school. Although John Wayne Gacy was considered as a bright student, still he could not finish his high school studies (Amerante, 2011). He had been facing a very difficult childhood with an abusive, strict and an alcoholic father, who was mostly self-reliant and autonomous along with having a habit being quick tempered and exploding on smallest of issues. John Wayne Gacy’s father was of the view that to spare the rod was to pamper the adolescent. John always made great efforts to please his father in any way possible, but every action of his in doing so was made fun of my his family. John’s father would call him by various discouraging ridiculous names such as stupid, sissy and mama’s boy. John’s father was would never let go of any situation to make him aware of the fact that how much of a disappointment he was to Stanley. Marion, mother of John Wayne Gacy, was a hard working woman who was a pharmacist by profession. John was much more close to his mother and spent the majority of time with her. While, his father always made fun of and ridiculed him by saying that he was going to be queer in the future. John’s mother would often defend John and keep secrets from her husband Staley, so that he would not punish him. (FBI, 2001)