Cultural Changes in Dinner Manners “Omnivore’s Dilemma”

Cultural inclinations in the resolution of dinnertime can also pose challenges if the individuals do not take appropriate precautions. Some people will always observe the teachings of priests or doctrines of the church without questioning health aspects. This can cause health complications since it arises in severe eating disorders. Eating habits normally cause disruptions in the normal operations of meal times. This implies that a person who likes consuming industrialized meals obliges to taking natural meals will find it hard to adapt to the new system (Kulka, 2007). Therefore, eating the preferred meal in between meal times will lead to eating disorder. Another cultural aspect like fasting also affects people and can cause a dilemma if a suitable technique is not implemented. Fasting is a common ritual that different religious groups devout to and encourages starving for spiritual nourishment. Although it improves devotion to faith, starvation causes eating dilemmas as people save money for feasting festivities. Most Americans who prefer organic meals will find it difficult to eat the traditional foods (Kulka, 2007).