Cultural Competency While Treating Filipino Patients

A number of different factors contribute to the growing need for cultural competency within the health care field.  Of course it is important for those in the health care field to continually increase their knowledge and broaden quality service.  However, the most important factor in the need for cultural competency is the changing and diverse demographic.  One source notes that, “Culturally sensitive care is essential to create the optimal patient-centered experience; effective patient-provider communication; delivery of high-quality, evidence-based services; achievement of positive treatment outcomes; and high patient/family satisfaction rates” (Gertner, et al., 2010, p. 129).  Filipinos account for a large portion of the Asian American population today, so it is important to become acquainted with the cultural practices and beliefs, healthcare perspectives and practices, family views, environment, education, religion, and dietary practices of the people.