Database Differentation

Data is essential to any organization. In today’s society, computers and technology are crucial to the seamless operation of our daily tasks and unparalleled efficiency. Without data, there would be no way of being certain as to what patient was diagnosed with a certain illness or which patient needed medication at the predetermined time. This data can be presented in many forms. Historically, paper was the chosen form because word of mouth had the potential to cause things to become lost in translation and the pen/paper method would ensure that the words written were actually those being delivered. However, now that there are many patients to treat in what seems to be a shorter amount of time, there is a need for a more sophisticated system that will adapt to increasing both the cost effectiveness of today’s economy and the general population of those who are served in the medical community. This paper will focus on four different types of data models that have helped our society and their advantages as well as disadvantages.