How To Make Yourself Date Bait

If you want to get asked out on a regular basis or if you are looking to ask that certain someone for a date, it’s vital that you understand the following Five Flavors of Fascination. think of these five pint as ingredients in a special kind of bait that is meant to catch members of the opposite sex. It is important to keep in mind that the five key elements discussed below are best used in unison. That is, they function best when each of the elements is in its proper place. The basis for each one of the five elements of attraction that are examined in the following discussion  are drawn from scientific study. This means, of course, that creating the kind of bait that attracts members of the opposite sex is a logical function even if dating and love often appear to be based completely on the irrational responses of emotions and libido. In order to get the best results from the following tips, it is necessary to understand the reasons why each component is an attractant and to not simply follow the advice blindly.


Dating & Courtship, Then and Now

Having read the article, I decided to interview my great-grandmother.  She is very elderly now, and the time in which she was dating was very different from the modern experience.  Her husband, Bill, has been dead for many years now, but she enjoyed the chance to speak about the life they shared.  She is a very spunky woman and ahead of her time in her thoughts and actions.  I am relating her thoughts and stories in her voice.