On-Site Daycare


Many parents struggle in today’s society with their ability to achieve a work-life balance. Concerns associated with child care are of the utmost importance and require continuous evaluation and monitoring so that the needs of children are met in a balanced and cost effective manner, since time spent away from the office for personal matters such as child care may lead to accusations of unproductivity in the workplace setting. To counteract this problem, many organizations now offer onsite child care services for their employees as a means of improving productivity and regular attendance. In this capacity, it is likely that employees with children will experience greater peace of mind and reassurance in knowing that their children are nearby, safe, and well taken care within the same facility. This facilitates the improvement of outcomes for employees in terms of higher productivity and a greater focus on work roles and responsibilities. Child care in the workplace provides a greater level of convenience because employees do not have to transport their children to a different location and are able to arrive at work on time to achieve maximum productivity. The following discussion will address the availability of child care in the workplace and its impact on employee productivity and performance and will also address the cost savings that is likely to occur with this option when it is available.