Communication Strategies

The Great Debaters

  1. In a few paragraphs, explain the social, political and legal issues addressed in the film. What were the secret meetings about and why was secrecy so important?

The setting of the movie is concentrated upon the time when the black Americans are considered at a lower status than that of the white Americans. This is considered to be specifically reflected over the belief that the white Americans are much highly intellectual compared to the black Americans [and this is aimed to be proven through debate]. Considerably, the capacity of the team of black debaters in the movie to face the challenge of debating with white American students was considered as a specific rule out from the actual situation in the society during the time. It is because of this that the theme of the movie was considered bold especially in imposing that the black Americans were able to stand out amongst the rest of other debaters coming from the white American teams. The practices of the team of black American debaters have been held in secret showing how much suppressed their activities were and amidst these challenges, their victory has been specifically directed as a means of achievement on their part.