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Global Concerns Regarding Novel Influenza A (H7N9) Virus Infections

The scare over the possibility of having another medical dilemma has been increased in relation to the entrant of the news about the H7N9. The article written by Timothy Uyeki specifically gives a specific implication on how such scare has been detected and what current studies have already been implicated to make sure that the control over its spread is to be effective enough especially when it comes to manifesting a major public health resolution. Like that of the Avian Flu (AH1N1), the H7N9 is also sourced out from animals. Once the distribution of the virus becomes rampant, there is a scare that it might not be controllable anymore. Consistently, utilizing the research and journal of Gao as reference to the discussion, Uyeki tries to outline the different procedures taken into consideration to discover the different strands of the virus as well as its characteristics in relation to how its genome could be distributed in a rapid pace.