Graphic novels


Using graphic novels in the education system and more so in the reading process tends to motivate reluctant readers. These novels provide the reader with entertainment present in many forms of conventional media. It is imperative that these novels are not accorded significance by educators with their benefits notwithstanding. Regardless of the acknowledgement by librarians and students, the media is not yet included in the educational curriculum, and therefore, not used in classrooms. This study looks at the perceptions of educators on using graphic novels in motivating reluctant readers and whether such strategies motivate these readers. Five high school teachers and five librarians were interviewed about their perceptions on the use of graphic novels to facilitate learning. The analysis into their responses reveals that most educators do not use graphic novels to motivate reluctant readers due to the absence of this genre in the curriculum (Frey & Fisher, 2008). However, they recognized the benefits of using graphic novels in motivating reluctant readers and have positive perceptions on including graphic novels into the curriculum. Similarly, Smith (n.d) argues that most librarians confirmed the rise in popularity of the use of these novels and attested to the preference of this media by most readers.