Family and Consumer Science

Unreached People Group Project

For this project I will be focusing my attention on the Ad Dharmi people of India. The Ad Dharmi people are a large tribe in India with a low literacy rate, disgraceful work conditions and an insufficient amount of food to feed all of their people. The Ad Dharmi people  The Ad Dharmis speak Panjabi, a western Indian dialect. Right now, the Ad Dharmi people are being persecuted in India and need help from outside sources to be able to live a more amicable lifestyle. These people are starving, poor and uneducated and would benefit greatly from missionaries visiting the area to help the people. The thesis for the paper is the benefits and consequences of ministry outreach to the Ad Dharmi people- weigh the benefits of aiding the Ad Dharmi people against the dangers of missionary work in India, particularly where the Ad Dharmi people are located.