Social Issues

Help-seeking Behaviors in Vietnamese with Mental Health Problems

History of the Problem

Mental health problems are a global concern that affects people of all races, cultures and ethnicities. This is a universal fact with all groups of people. However, when it comes to mental health services utilization, help-seeking behaviors are not so universal among these groups. When it comes to seeking help for mental health problems, some individuals are receptive to the idea and some are not. This is true of groups of people in various races, cultures and ethnicities, as well as with individuals. Help-seeking behaviors related to mental health services utilization is influenced by various factors such as race, gender, age, mental disorder status, language barriers, or possibly discrimination. However, stigmas associated with mental health problems play a significant role in mental health help-seeking behaviors within specific races and cultures. Views and behaviors toward seeking help for mental issues are a factor of what someone believes based on the environment in which someone was raised. Mental health services help-seeking behaviors among people of certain races are tied to perceptions and attitudes imposed on them, and this can lead to underutilization of mental health services and disparities in care (Lannert, B. K., 2010).