Job Satisfaction and Organizational Socialization: A Review of the Literature, With Special Application to Higher Education


The importance of organizational socialization and job satisfaction is well recognized in the literature. Organizational socialization is the process by which a new employee becomes a part of their organization. This necessarily means induction into the organization’s culture, including informal mores and behaviors as well as formal ones. An employee’s success in the organizational socialization process will determine much of their success in the organization as a whole. The construct is similar to, but distinct from, job satisfaction, a construct that describes attitudes about one’s workplace. Job satisfaction is in some ways a more difficult construct to define, and it has even been suggested that it is a different construct from job dissatisfaction, as will be seen.


Reading Journal Article 2: Assessment of Learning in Higher Education

From the articles, we attain deep insight into the process of assessment in higher learning institutions. According to the readings, institutions of higher learning require significant evaluation with the primary aim of coming up with new opportunities within the context of higher education. From the definition from one of the articles entitled “Assessment Brief,” the writer attempts to explain that assessment generally involves checking and comparing whether what we have learned before has any contribution to one’s capability. It forms a solid basis for the need to carry our assessment on institutions as a facilitator of understanding the education sector and its impact on society.