Motivation Interview


Motivation in the workplace requires the ability to identify the factors that drive employees to perform at a specific level. It is expected that recognition, compensation, authority, independence, and the physical environment are key factors in this process because they influence how employees react to consistency as well as change. This is often reflected in their capacity to improve performance if they are motivated by their workplace and the opportunities that are available to them. It is important to identify key motivating factors in an effort to achieve successful results. In conducting an interview regarding motivation, it is necessary to determine how motivation plays a role in supporting the growth and development of employees in many different ways.


Ethics In Healthcare


An increasing number of situations within the healthcare industry involve the need for ethical decision making nowadays. Thus, it becomes essential for healthcare providers to understand the meaning of ethics and to facilitate the delivery of professional and skilled care. Ethics is becoming increasingly relevant to the day to day practices of nurses, in particular, as they are the frontline in the delivery of patient care. This paper attempts to understand the role of Ethics in the field of nursing. An interview was conducted with a Director of Nursing In a skilled nursing facility specializing in long term care to gain their perspective about the topic. The interviewee was selected because of the wealth of her experience in the field and due to the fact that this position has a significant influence on the development and implementation of policies and procedures within the organization. Furthermore, the interviewee is also involved in resolving complex issues involving patients and health care workers within the organization. Consequently, decisions made will shape the culture of the organization and the patterns of thought and actions of its workers.


Job in Focus: Technician Drilling and Measurements

The job in itself is defined under the umbrella of petroleum engineering whereas the individual handling such position is expected to master the needed technical skills to note which areas are beast for drilling and what specific requirements are necessary for a particular drilling project to be permitted to push through. Among the great concerns of Technician Drilling and Measurements  personnel include environmental integrity of the projects they handle while also carrying into consideration the power of the community as a driving force that could affect the manner by which the project is to push through.


Interview summary : racial, judgmental, or prejudicial questions


This paper looks into the perspectives of several interviewees to determine the views on the subjects of prejudice, racism, and judgment. Three individuals were interviewed to determine their response to questions touching on these subjects. Among then there was Dave an African American man aged 35 years working as a mechanic married and with two children. Another interviewee was Mary a white single mother aged 41 years old working as a consultant. Lastly among the three individual’s interviewed was Adams a 53 year old man of Asian origin and a retiree.

American History

Veteran’s Oral History

1.What was your experience with the Vietnam War and how did it impact your life?

The veteran provided some very interesting insights regarding his experiences as a veteran of the Vietnam War. Historically, this war was a challenge for the American people and the soldiers who fought on the front lines day in and day out. From this experience, the veteran indicated that he was proud of his service during this war, even though he was surrounded by the loss of many of his friends and fellow soldiers. As a survivor of this war, he is grateful, but he will always remember what the war meant to him on a personal level.

Family and Consumer Science

Interview with a Social Worker/Human Service Worker


Social work and human services personnel provide unique yet essential services for individuals and families across different settings. These efforts greatly impact the lives of these people in different ways and provide support to enable them to meet their specific goals and objectives. As a researcher, it is important and necessary to conduct interviews of selected personnel within these fields in order to identify their strategies for growth and their ability to achieve successful results for their clients. These indicators demonstrate that it is necessary for social workers and human service professionals to obtain expert knowledge and understanding of the field through the achievement of educational and licensure credentials. These credentials expand their qualifications to practice in their fields of choice and demonstrate the important impact of decision making and guidance for their clients in order to produce desirable results. In addition, field professionals must also embrace a number of key characteristics to achieve success, such as compassion, empathy, and sensitivity, amongst others. The following discussion will summarize an interview conducted with Dr. Elizabeth Osborne, a Licensed Psychologist in the State of New York and will evaluate her credentials and experiences in shaping the lives of her clients in different ways in order to improve their psychological health and wellbeing.


The Characteristics of “My” Leadership Organization

One would think that working for an online writing company would be nothing besides trouble; between being paid on time, fulfilling client or editor requests, or incessantly staring at a computer screen. In my experience, this can certainly be the case; however, this can also be the case when dealing with any employer.


Interview about eating habits

A female friend named CJ offered information regarding her regular eating habits. She addressed the importance of variety in her diet and that she was trying to become healthier and wanted to learn about nutritional food choices. Currently, she believes that she drinks too much soda and eats too many sweets and not enough fruits and vegetables. She rarely eats red meat but does consume chicken, pork, and fish. She stated that she would like to lose around 25 pounds to reach her ideal goal weight and become more active on a regular basis. She currently walks 2 miles per day 2-3 days per week. In order to accomplish these objectives, she must consume foods with lower calories and fat and greater nutritional value on a daily basis and expand her exercise routine.


My Live Personal Interview

What are some of the challenges and rewards of being a health administrator?

In my line of career, I face many challenges, which arise from day-to-day operations of the facility. First and foremost, building a consensus when implementing a strategic plan, with all concerned, is always a difficult task. I was once tasked to implement an expansion program for the facility, which could have led to expanding the services offered by the facility, as well as, increasing the number of staff. The board of members had different opinions on what they wanted to be expanded in terms of the facility and services being offered to patients. Some of the member wanted the cancer unit to be expanded in order to offer better services to patients and further research be conducted on cancer disease. Others member wanted the neurology department be equipped with modern facilities to combat all neurological referrals within the state. We discussed all the pros and cons of implementing the different ideas until we settled on expansion of the cancer unit of the hospital. This needed a lot of patience with a lot of convincing power to bring on board all the members of the hospital team to one consensus.


Interview with Nursing Informatics Specialist


Nursing informatics is a critical component of modern nursing practice because it integrates technology-based solutions with routine practice to facilitate effective information management and communication at all times (American Medical Informatics Association, 2013). This area provides support for the active retrieval of relevant data and information to expand knowledge and integrate it into new areas of practice to achieve improved patient outcomes (American Medical Informatics Association, 2013). This area of study also supports the improvement of workflow to achieve positive results across all areas of nursing practice (American Medical Informatics Association, 2013). An interview was conducted with KC, a nurse with ten years of experience in med/surg nursing and three years of experience as a nurse informatics specialist.


Thank you letter for a phone interview

Dear Sir/Madam

Many thanks for allowing me the opportunity to carry out a phone interview with you last Thursday. The way you treated me over the phone was very professional indeed and I have to say that I felt extremely at ease with the whole process and as such was able to deliver answers to all the questions with precision and flair. I would like to pay my thanks for such a professional interview. I feel proud that you have given me a chance to be heard and an opportunity to show my skills for your valued job. The opportunity you gave me is really worthy for me and I look forward to work with your esteemed organization.


Informational Interview in the hospitality/tourism industry

Your Name:


Interviewee Information
Name of Interviewee


Antonio Cosio
Contact Information (phone number and/or email address) (Please note that we may contact your interviewee to confirm the interview.)


+52 744 469 6900




Las Brisas Hotel


Hotel owner

name, company, and contact info of the interviewee as well?

What is distinctive about the hotel locality? The hotel is situated in a celebrated Villa found near the beach in a peaceful island. The location allows guest to view the main attractions in the city and enjoy a relaxed plastic atmosphere.


What is the aspect that has made you an efficient hotel manager? The many years of experience and training in the hotel industry has given me a chance to learn new the new changes in the hospitality world. The good relationship with my employees has helped me to understand and appreciate my employees  that has encouraged them to be efficient.


What are amazing elements, which the hotel arranges for the guests? The Concierge  often arrange for guests a  romantic and  cultural restaurants, theatre ticket reservations, operas, musical concerts, tours outside the city. This is because the objective of the hotel is to make the customer happy.


What prompts your hotel to be impressive and treasured? For  many reasons the hotel ideal location is private stylish, excellent service, artistic atmosphere, modern amenities, and reputed gourmet restaurant known for their haute cuisine as well as  tasty Italian foods. The hotel provides distinguished travelers with memorable experience in the stylish and serene environment of an exceptional patrician villa as the hotel is a representation of real vintage experience.


Which activities do you undertake to promote the hote? The hotel has a website that contains information about the hotel and helps to deduce any information that touches on the hotel operations.


What is the  hotel atmosphere and  the kind of  guests who stay in the hotel? Resolutely, tranquil with a refined atmosphere and pays attention to every detail to please clients. The hotel has been fully renovated and decorated in an artistic style. The hotel attracts clients over the age of 40 and families that has children above 12 as well as business travelers.
What has made the hotel a destination for many people? The interiors feature of the hotel have an  exceptional collection filled with  art-deco design that has  distinct  lightings, amazing sculptures and superb paintings associated with  celebrated women that has been made by European artists. The hotel has a unrivaled eating establishment, that gives elegant décor that gives  art lovers a chance to dine in an graceful setting.


What is your favorite meal in the restaurant? The hotel restaurant has an Italian menu that has Italian and local dishes that vary every season composing of fresh ingredients.
How are employees trained in the hotel?  The company offers on job training together with study manuals that helps in improving skills and knowledge among employees.
What are  present  goals for the hotel and methods of executing them?


My present goal is to put the hotel in  the  world map with extensive advertisements  to ensure promotion of the hotel to many people.


The hotel business remains a very competitive industry that needs constant improvement, staying away from competition and re-invention .Although the situation is ideal for some hotel owners as for others it remains a way of life. Operating a hotel takes into consideration social skill in a business sense with an artistic detail. Efficiency, punctuality, and quality service remains the important aspects in operation of a successful hotel business. The customers should be given priority because they are the basis of the operation of a hotel.



Interviewing Teachers

2nd Grade

Transitioning from basal reading instruction to novel studies instruction may prove to be a challenging task for the beginning teachers but the benefits are worth the effort. Novel studies doesn’t only focus upon reading and writing skills but also provides students additional perspectives through the introduction of diverse subject matters including science, social studies, and math. By forcing the students to step into new territories, novel studies help expand their critical reasoning skills as well as improve their vocabulary. Another benefit of novel studies is that it provides considerable teaching flexibility to the teachers. The teachers can also incorporate project-based activities as well as assessment strategies which encourage students to think about complex issues in depth. Students also find them engaged because they discover that they can personally relate to some novels. Similarly, novel studies also help students become more practical and allow them to see the usefulness of the acquired knowledge in the real world.


Culture and Identity Interview


Ethnographic research strives to adapt a viewpoint on its subject matter that is faithful to that which is being studied. In other words, the ethnographer under ideal conditions tries to let the subject speak for him or herself. Since ethnography is dealing with human beings, there is an ethical aspect to ethnography that is underscored by a basic humanity, whereby the ethnographer tries to suspend his or her prejudice, and let the narrative of the ethnographic topic in question develop on its own accord. In this regard, the interview can be viewed as an ideal form of ethnography, since one is trying to let the interviewee express his or her sentiments on the questions asked. This preamble helps clarify what the basic guidelines were that framed the following interview with a 21 year old American of Hmong ancestry. In short, the interview sought to let this narrative of an individual existing at the intersection of Hmong and American culture unfold at its own tempo and volition.