Investing for the Future

One of the defining traits of western societies is the expectation of financial independence, even from those whose families may have enough money to support seven future generations. For most of us, high school graduation marks the end of financial support from parents which could also be interpreted as their acknowledgement we are finally adults. Just like death and taxes, it is certain in life that we will always have expenses but one cannot say the same for the income aspect. Thus, we earn income not only to support our present but also future and like other important decisions, a little planning goes a long way towards ensuring a pleasant future. One is often tempted to make excuses for not investing money in the future because immediate gratification is always more satisfying than planning for a distant future but most of these excuses such as having little income or too much time to save for the future have little or no sound basis. This is why investing should be adopted as early as possible because not only it makes investing a less painful experience but this strategy also increases the probability of financial independence for life.