HR problems/issues that you have personally been exposed

Human resource management is an intricate part of any organizational environment. Human resource managers do not have an easy task. A successful human resource management program requires continuous planning and organization. A human resource manager is responsible for recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, ensuring fair treatment and legal compliance, using job analysis and performance management, employee fit and retention, and promoting workplace safety and health. With so many job duties, at times some aspects of the job description may fall through the cracks. There are many businesses that suffer from a poor human resource management department.


Essays on Issues of Cheating

First Task: Topic Proposal

The topic I hope to explore is the idea of utilizing references in school and not actually giving regard to the authors of such materials when they are being used in a research. This is often called as ‘plagiarism’. I chose to explore this particular issue, as it does seem very rampant among students today to simply resort to plagiarism than to write their own papers or create properly referenced researches (Green, 2006, 57). With the influx of information through the internet, students often disregard the importance of proper referencing thus falling into the pits of plagiarism (Bouville, 2010, 68).

American Literature

Gender Role Issues in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House


            The recognition of the real value of women has not been the same throughout the years of human history. It could be understood that somehow, there were years in the past when women were considered nothing better than men and are thus treated according to such status in the society. The desires and concerns of women are given lesser attention to as they are noted as nothing but a supporting factor to the success of every man.  In the story of Henrik Ibsen on A Doll’s House, he uses a metaphorical approach in defining how women in the 60s towards the 80s are relatively understood by the society. The stereotype that they receive from the surrounding society is shown in the story as a form of discrimination that women strongly wanted to live off from. In the discussion that follows, a focus on how Nora was treated by her husband Torvald and how it mirrored the condition of the society then shall be given particular attention to.

IT Management

Children and Technology (PPT)

Children and Technology