Good leader. Journal Summary

We have learned many things about being a good leader in this course. First, we learned that it is common for people to rate their own skills as being higher than they really are in life. This was a good start for learning about the ways that we need to change our thinking if we want to be good leaders. In order to avoid the problems that can happen due to these judgement errors, a good leader needs to be very aware of the effects on their own decisions, so that they do not believe their own skills to be greater than in reality and so that they do not expect too much from the people they are leading. Plus, it is not possible to improve our weaknesses if we do not know about them.

Teacher's Career

Journal for Diane Lasren-Freeman’s book Teaching Language

Diane Lasren-Freeman’s book ‘Teaching Language’ discusses the challenging conceptions of grammar and the three dimensions applied to language in communication. Chapter 2 focuses on the way teachers comprehend the concept of language. In the chapter, Lasren-Freeman challenges the practical conventions of grammar. First she describes grammar as an area of knowledge, rather than a set of rigid rules.


Information desk

The position of an information desk in the organization entails responding to questions and giving the needed information to the members of the public. As an information desk, all information pertaining to the activities that are executed in the organization must be given to the people entering the company where and when necessary. Performing the duties of information desk requires tools including a desktop computer or a laptop, photocopier, a switchboard and a telephone system comprising of several lines. The position also requires competence in the application of a number of programs that include Microsoft publisher, Office, Word and Outlook and bookkeeping software.