”Monsanto’s Harvest of fear” by Donald Bartlett Article Reading Quiz

  1. Characterize the beginning of Bartlett and Steele’s article in terms of tone, narrative approach, and style.

The tone is Nostalgic; bitter and. the narrator shows how Rinehart remembers vividly with lots of anger about the Monsanto’s raid at his shop which led to an embarrassment before his customers.

The narrative approach is Omniscient Narration, Single Character Point of View. The third-person narrator is generally reliable, omniscient, and ubiquitous in terms of knowing all about one character and presents the story from one character’s vantage point. The narrator tells of Rinehart encounter in an omniscient way, giving us what Rinehart knows about his town and Monsanto’s activities in the town.

The narrative style includes telling an event with characters and dialogues in it. It has definite and logical beginnings, intervals, and endings. Finally, it concludes with a conflict and its solutions