Managing Knowledge and Technology: Bajaj Auto and the Motorcycle Market

Bajaj Auto demonstrated its key strengths in the areas of product growth and development. Therefore, the organization sought to gain entrance into a competitive motorcycle market by using innovation and leadership to accomplish these objectives. Its collaborative efforts with Kawasaki emphasized its ability to work in conjunction with an experienced provider of motorcycles to achieve successful product development and results. The introduction of new models to the motorcycle market was a key indicator of the potential for success in expanding visibility and market share (Vallabhaneni and Krishnan 6).

Latin-American Studies

Motorcycle Diaries

Walter Salles’ film The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) explores the connection between the long journey taken across South America by Che  Guevara when he was twenty-three years old and his later role as a political revolutionary. On his journey, which is taken mostly o0n a motorcycle, Che and his companion, Alberto, observe many things that cause them to reconsider the way that they view social and political conditions in Latin America.  The movie portrays the changes that happened to Che as the result of the poverty and deprivation that he witnessed on his trek across many regions. The viewer is initiated into the same kind of anger and political angst that functioned as the true starting point of Che’s career as a reformer and a radical. Because of this, the movie functions not only as a biographical portrait, but as a political argument. The thesis or main argument presented by the film is that revolution against tyranny is a noble goal.