Ocean’s Eleven – Movie Analysis Presentation

The value of a person’s being is based on what he does. For this particular movie, Daniel Ocean was presented as someone who was willing to do something against the being of the rich ones to retrieve a sense of life that he believes is his. He gets ten other men to complete the job he hopes to accomplish. The key to his desire is to accomplish particular procedures that are at some point impossible to think of. The goals of Ocean are established and he is willing to go through anything, go to anyone as needed to make sure that his goals are fulfilled. This goal has lead him and his friends into becoming highly involved in technical procedures that include exhibitions even that of a physical act close to a circus. Nevertheless, it could be realized that his desire to create a name not for his own recognition but for the sake of self-definition that he himself will recognize later on. This analysis aims to prove that the marriage of thematic presentation and setting arrangement [including lighting arrangements] do increase the value of the message that a particular movie aims to portray. This analysis shall be specifically based on the 2001 version of Ocean’s Eleven.


Kinsey (2004) by Bill Condon. Movie Analysis

This biographical film provides a gateway to a new distinctive condition on how one might be able to understand the facts about human sexuality and how it may different between genders. This particular work was a supporting presentation on how Alfred Kinsey tried to explain the same matter through his book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. Noted as the pioneer in the arena of teaching and identifying the different elements of sexology, Alfred Kinsey’s life has been played in this movie to be able to portray a majority of the theories he particularly believes in.


Thunder Heart Movie Review

Thunder heart is a fascinating movie involving Ray, a man with an FBI rank with Sioux background. Ray is sent to help with the murder investigation in a reservation. Unfortunately, here he should come to terms with his heritage fast so as to get the required information. Gradually, he chooses to reject the tactics of intimidation by fellow FBI agents who are interested in covering up the incriminating circumstances with the collaboration of the locals instead of solving the crime as required. He opts to be tuned to his heritage with the aim of wining the trust of the locals. This film is terrifically entertaining and revolves around not only the Native American culture but also how the system of the political mainstream affects life and culture. Further, this essay tackles thunder heart review under the following sub-headings culture, political and corruption as well as education.